Wednesday, 4 November 2015

My Must Have Newborn Product's

Now that my youngest is one year old we have started packing away and getting rid of all of the baby items that he no longer needs. As a mum of three, I have brought and tested a lot of baby products over the years and this got me thinking about which products we found invaluable when dealing with a newborn baby. I thought that I would share with you all of the things that I personally found made life so much easier and that I recommend to anyone. I often find the best products we discover are those that get recommended to us. 

I have so many baby products that I love so I thought that I would just share with you all today my favourite newborn products. 

baby monitors, colic drops, baby bottle, baby bouncer and baby sleeping bag

1.) My number one must have product is my Motorola baby monitor and baby sense bundle. Like most parents, cot death is a major fear of mine and when I had my girls I was constantly waking up and checking on them during the night to make sure they were OK. When we had Jacob we reviewed this monitor and sensor pad set and a year on I still love it. The monitors are really clear with no interference and the sensor pad gives me peace of mind that he is OK, so I am not checking on him every five minutes. Thankfully it has never gone off during the night. It is around £100 but I think it is worth every penny as it has given me so much peace of mind.

2.) The second baby item I could not have been without is my Tommee Tippee steriliser set, I actually got this when I had Sophia two years ago and loved it so used it again with Jacob, obviously, we brought new bottles. This set has everything we needed for bottle feeding and the steriliser is so quick and easy to use and all three of my children has used Tommee Tippee bottles as I have found them to be the best. I think we paid around £60 for the set we have. 

3.) I think that baby sleeping bags are amazing, as I mentioned I have a real fear of cot death so I have never liked the idea of using blankets on babies and I also found that little ones often kicked them off during the night and get cold. I have been using sleeping bags on both my little two since they were a few weeks old (you have to wait until your baby is a certain weight before using them) and they have stopped me worrying they will get cold or go under the blanket. I swear by the George at Asda sleeping bags as they are really affordable at around £12 and they wash great and are so soft and comfortable for little ones, my one year old still wears them now. 

4.) My Pink Lining changing bag, I love Pink Lining changing bags and I actually own two, one for Sophia and one for Jacob. I have found them amazing as they are so roomy and I can fit so much into them, they have lots of little pockets to keep things in and even come with insulated bottle holders, changing mats and dirty clothes bag. I used them as baby's hospital bag and I found them so useful for trips out with the little ones as they are so practical compared to the changing bag I had with my eldest and defiantly worth the money. I brought my yummy mummy one from John Lewis and my Blooming Gorgeous one was from the Pink Lining website. 

5.) My fifth item is a bouncy chair, my youngest two loved their bouncy chairs especially Jacob as he suffered colic and reflux and the only way to get him to sleep was to bounce him in his bouncer as he could not sleep lying down. We only brought him a cheap one from Argos for around £30 but he loved it and spent hours in it. and it was also so handy for just putting him in if I was busy and he was awake. 

6.) The last item I could not have been without was Infacol (available from most chemists) as I mentioned Jacob had bad colic and so we went through bottles of this stuff in the early months as he had some before every feed to help relieve his pain. Infacol did not get rid of his colic as he suffered for months but it did help to get his wind up and make him more comfortable. Infacol only costs a few pounds so I think it is worth having some just in case you need it at some point. 

So those are the six baby items that I could not have been without in the newborn day's. I also could not have lived without lots of baby bibs and sleepsuits, tons of baby wipes and lots of coffee and chocolate biscuits for me. 

If you have children what baby products did you find the most useful in the early day's? 



  1. I think I can agree with all of those! Infacol and gripe water were so important for us too, so much help with awful colic xx

    1. Ah no I hope Parker does not have nasty colic, I love your wedding photo and can't wait to read all about your married life xx

  2. Sudocrem and baby wipes which I still use to this day lol!

    Gemma xx

    1. Oh I swear by sudocrem too we use it on the little two every night before bed and they have never had nappy rash before xx


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