Thursday, 26 November 2015

Finding The Perfect Wedding Venue

I have been with my other half for just over four years now and in that time we have had two children and are very much a family, but we have never gotten around to getting married yet. When we met at work back in August 2011 I think that we both knew that we were made for each other. He was the first 'boyfriend' to meet my eldest daughter, we were living together within five months and a year after we met I fell pregnant with are first child together, who was closely followed by another baby together a year later.

I think we both know that we are meant to be together and we are really happy as a family but I would love for us to get married, mostly so we could all have the same surname. Marriage is something that we have been talking about a lot over the last year or so, we have both agreed that it is something that we want to do and we kind of know what kind of wedding we both want. 

We almost set a date and booked it all a few months ago but the other half wants to do things properly with a proposal and ring, something I hope and think will be happening in the not to distant future. As a wedding is something that we have talked about a lot recently, mostly because we often watch Don't tell the bride on TV and know what we want from are own big day. 

We want a small day time ceremony followed by a big celebration on the night time. The thing we are unsure on is where we actually want to get married, I love the idea of getting married abroad but it is unlikely this will happen so I have been thinking about wedding venues here in the North East. We know that we don't want a church or a registry office and would prefer the whole ceremony and reception all in the one place, but we do not know where to start looking for the perfect venue. 

I do not know if I want a country house or city centre wedding or even if I want something unusual like on Don't Tell The Bride. All I know is I want it based in the North East and I want the ceremony and reception all together. So I was really pleased when I came across a venue finding service as a really quick and free search showed me possible venue ideas that met my requirements and I now have a few possible ideas of where I would like to get married. 

All I need now is the sparkling diamond on my finger and then I can start to plan my perfect wedding day in are perfect wedding setting, without having to worry about spending hours trawling the Internet for the dream venue as venuefinder has done all of the hard work for me. I just hope that planning the rest of a wedding is as easy as finding a venue, but that is probably just wishful thinking.  

Do you have any tips for planning a wedding ? I would love to know in the comments below. 

This is a collaborative post.

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  1. Oh I bet it's not too long before you are married. I always knew where I wanted to get married when I was growing up and told Steve it was there or nowhere!LOL

    1. I have no idea where I would even get married, I wish I knew It would make life much easier lol xx


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