Monday, 26 October 2015

Keep Safe On Bonfire Night

'Remember, Remember the fifth of November, Gunpowder, treason and plot, I see no reason why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.'

Now that we are right in the middle of autumn and October is quickly drawing to an end we shall soon be remembering the fifth of November with bonfire night. The shops are starting to be filled with fireworks, sparklers and toffee apples and firework displays are being advertised up and down the country. Maybe you will be going to a display or you may be buying fireworks to enjoy from the comfort of your own garden with family and friends. Maybe like me you will just watch other peoples fireworks from your window as your children are still to young to enjoy them. 

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Bonfire night is always a fun night for adults and children alike as they watch the dark nights sky light up with the bright colours of rockets and have fun spelling out their name with a sparkler. It is a night to spend time with family and friends having fun and being amazed by the brightly lit sky.

Whatever your plans this bonfire night make sure that you remain safe as however fun fireworks, bonfires and sparklers are they can also be incredibly dangerous if not handled with proper care at all times, as highlighted in this infographic pictured below. 

As you can see 31% of firework related injury's are to peoples hands, which is no surprise if you are handling sparklers or fireworks and I imagine will be very painful. A shocking 25% of injury's are to people's eyes followed by 14% to the face, 10% to the head and 7% to the torso and leg and foot and lastly 6% to the arm. These findings show that almost any part of your body could be harmed due to a firework related accident. 

I was even more shocked to read that a huge 52% of accidents actually happen at family or private party's, which I imagine would turn a night of fun into a night of terror for those involved. A further 27% of injury's happen in the street or other public places and 13% at large public displays. I thought that most injury's would be minor burns from sparklers but this is not the case at all as 39% of injury's are caused by rockets, 20% roman candles and 19% by sparklers. 

These findings highlighted in the infographic created by Pryers show us that injury's on bonfire night can happen wherever you are celebrating the night, they can injure any part of your body which could cause serious injuries. However if you follow some simple tips that they have advised then you can be sure that you and your family keep safe this bonfire night while still experiencing the fun. 

Tips For Keeping Safe This Bonfire Night.

* Make sure that any fireworks you buy comply with BS 7114 (or its EU equivalent) and check all instructions are in English.

* Keep your fireworks in a tin before use.

* Never carry fireworks in your pocket.

* Never re-light a firework which has failed to go off

* Never throw fireworks.

* Have a bucket of water and a hose ready nearby in case of any accidents.

* Be sure to put all fireworks into a metal, water filled bucket once used.

* Be aware of animals and check through bonfires before lighting and make sure pets are somewhere safe.

* Closely supervise children.

* Do not wear lose clothing. 

Make sure that you follow these tips and keep safe this bonfire night whatever your plans to ensure that you don't remember, remember the fifth of November for all of the wrong reasons this year. 

Have you got any plans this bonfire night ? 


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