Thursday, 10 September 2015

Where Energy Is Lost In Your Home

Now that it is autumn the nights have started getting cooler and it won't be long before I, like many other households start to turn the heating back on and see a rise in are energy bills. So I was interested to read about this infographic which is supplied by the  Snug Network on 'Where Energy Is Lost In Your Home'. 

I currently live in an old mining village and my home is over 100 years old so we are always looking at ways to be more energy efficient, as are home always seems cold and draughty which results in huge gas bills each winter. 

As you can see you can lose a 1/4 of your homes warmth by not having loft insulation's which thankfully we do have. You could be adding a huge £300 a year to your energy bill by having a infective boiler and I can vouch for this as I noticed a drop in my bills when I replaced my old boiler a few years ago. 

I was surprised to learn that there is so many simple ways to save money on your energy bills by simply turning appliance off properly and not leaving them on stand by. And you could save up to £30 per year by filling a bowl with water rather then leaving a tap running to wash up, something I have never even thought about before. 

I also think I need to tackle all those cracks in the doors and floorboards as this could be costing us up to £35 extra a year. 

In comparison a energy efficient home could save you a lot of money. Cavity wall insulation's which we thankfully have could be saving us up to £160 per year. And I am pleased that we use LED light bulbs as this also saves us up to £30 per year off are bills. 

However to be more energy efficient and save we could get solar panels fitted which could save us up to 1/3 on electricity costs. Changing are shower head to a water efficient one could save us £67 per year and turning are thermostat down by just one degree could save an impressive £90 per year. 

This just shows that with a few small changes anyone can become more energy efficient and can save some money this winter on their energy bills as well as saving energy. And you never know with all the money you could be saving you might be able to treat yourself to something nice. 

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