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My Worries For My Children's Future

Being a mum I worry a lot, every single day I worry about my children and normally about really silly little things. I just can not help it I am a born worrier in life and always have something on my mind, my partner is forever telling me to relax and stop worrying. I don't just worry about how they are right now either I have fears about things in the future that are out of my control such as will they be safe when they are out with there friends, will they be happy in life, will they be able to have the life that I dream for them and be able to afford a home and family of their own someday.

So when I was asked to take part in a survey by Voucher codes all about family worries I just had to take part along with 1286 other UK families. We were asked to list what concerned us the most about the future of are families. I am quoted in the article with my response as I said " Safety is what I worry about the most and then house prices / money." That in a nutshell is what I worry about, like all parents I want my children to be safe I don't want them to be involved in a accident or to be harmed in anyway or become ill or god forbid ever be caught up in any terrorist attacks that are sadly becoming all to common these days.

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I also worry about the rising cost of house prices and money a lot too, we currently rent are home and we would love to buy a home but until I return to full time work in a few years we wont have the money needed for a deposit which is currently around £20,000 as four bedroom detached homes were we live are around £150-200,000. I dread to think what house prices will be like when my children are older, my parents brought there house for £16,000 back in 1983 it is now worth ten times that. 

I am not alone in having these worries as the survey found that 44% of parents asked were worried about financial instability and the economy. This comes as no surprise with recent Budget cuts and financial crisis we have seen in recent years. The second thing us parents were worried about at 40% was extremism, terrorism and safety. This is a huge fear of mine in recent years especially with all the events going on around the world these days. I really do fear that their will be some kind of terrorism attack and I fear for my own and my families safety. 

The survey also found 37% of us are worried about rising house prices especially in the South East, West Midlands and Northern Ireland as this was what parents in these regions were most concerned about. 24% of us are worried about crime, 14% fear bullying and 11 % drugs. As a parent I hold my hands up and admit that I am worried about every single thing on the list for my children. 

The survey then showed us what was the thing parents in each region of the UK were worried about here in the North East parents are most worried about Financial instability and the economy, which is no surprise as a lot of are industries have closed over the years. 

Mark Pearson founder of My Voucher Codes has commented on the findings himself he says "From what we have found from speaking to parents, it seems that many of them are worried about the effects of the economy, whether that is financial instability or house prices and high rents for their children's future. The recent budget announcement seems to have made parents concerned about what the future holds for their children. " 

He also added " We know that house prices remain unsuitably high particularly in the South East of the UK, so we are not surprised that this is the main concern for parents in this region. It's also unsurprising to see that extremism, terrorism and safety are also a concern for many parents especially at the moment when every day we seem to see a new terror related story in the news."

I agree with the findings of this article and with what Mark has to say about the results, as I have  already mentioned that I worry about every single thing on the list. Although personally I do worry more about extremism, terrorism and safety then financial instability and the economy as we are lucky that we don't have any money worries and my partner has a stable job and house prices and rents are much lower in the North East then other parts of the country, but I am aware that things could change.

Overall I feel that surveys such as these show us parents that we are not alone in are worries and that many of us have the same fears for are children's futures. Let's just hope that many of are fears do not become a reality for are families. If you are a parent what do you worry about the most for your families future?


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