Sunday, 27 September 2015

A Shared Children's Bedroom

Regular readers will know that I keep mentioning that we are hoping to move home soon, as we need a bigger house now that we have three children. Knowing that we will be moving home soon I have been busy thinking about what kind of decor I want throughout the house. One room that I am really looking forward on working on is a shared bedroom for my little two children, as they are so close in age we have decided that they will share a room. 

We have been thinking about what kind of a theme we want for their bedroom, as we have a boy and a girl. We have decided to go for something bright and colourful and gender neutral that will suit them both. I have gone a bit Pinterest crazy with ideas, but I think plain white walls will work best with pale laminated flooring, as we all know children can be messy and ruin carpets. I will then add splashes of colour to the room with accessories. 

One thing that we know that we defiantly want is bunk beds for the bedroom as they will take up less room and leave a lot more floor space for the little ones to sit and play with their toys. I love these white bunk beds from Bedstar as they will be perfect for either a boy or a girl. I think that white furniture gives the room the illusion of looking bigger and will also fit well with any colour scheme. 

I like things to match so I will have to get some nice white wooden wardrobes and draws to add to the bedroom to store all of the clothing in. I love the idea of having a story corner too,  I am planning on a getting a white wooden bookshelf that I can fill with timeless children story books and lots of fluffy cushions and beanbags that they can sit on to read. 

I hate clutter so I want some big wooden toy chests and storage units to store all of the toys in out of site. I also love the idea of having a dressing up rail filled with dressing up costumes for the children to enjoy. 

To finish the room off I think I would get some shelves put up to store all the precious baby mementos both children have. I would have to have a blackout blind fitted to keep the sunlight out as it is the only way I can get my son to sleep. I would have bright colourful curtains and matching colourful duvets on the bed. A bright lampshade and wall prints would finish off the look and give the room a much needed splash of colour. 

I think by decorating the bedroom this way it will suit both of my children as they grow and it will be suitable for both of them to enjoy. What do you think what kind of a bedroom would you create for a brother and sister to share ? 

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  1. I love the idea of a story corner and dressing up rail. We are thinking of putting my two girls in the same room. I think they'll like it. We obviously don't need to worry about making it gender neutral but I'd prefer it if it wasn't too pink :)


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