Sunday, 23 August 2015

Falling Off The Diet Wagon

If you are a regular reader you will know that I have been following the Slimming World diet plan and blogging my progress each week in the hope it would motivate me to stick to plan. It was working, I posted a weight loss update every week and I was enjoying the diet. However, you may have noticed that I have not posted an update for a few weeks now. I hold my hands up and admit I have fallen off the plan and have not been attending group and have more than likely been gaining weight.

I feel really disappointed in myself that I am undoing all of my hard work. I also feel rather rubbish in myself if I am honest as I feel bloated and lethargic and my skin is not as clear as it was. I could blame the holidays for falling off my diet wagon as we have had family days out and meals out as well as many takeaways and ice creams. But it is not the holiday's fault it is my fault as I could have still enjoyed meals out on the plan if I had of chosen different meals, that is the beauty of Slimming world no food is ever banned. 

Normally whenever I start a diet I do well for so long and lose weight and then I have a bad week, skip group and vow I will stick to plan the following week, only to have another bad week and then I give up on my diet think I am failure and slip back into my old eating habits and gain even more weight. 

I am determined that this is not going to happen this time, I need to lose weight, I am overweight and it is unhealthy. None of my old clothes fit and my weight is also preventing me from being the mum I want to be as I refuse to take my children swimming or on rides at the fair as I feel too fat. I can also no longer say "oh its just baby weight",  as my baby has just turned one this week. 

So this week I have been thinking about how I can get back on plan and focus 100 % on losing weight. I have decided that the best thing for me to do is join a different Slimming World class as I love the plan and I know that it really does work and is the only diet that I actually stick to. I have decided to change class for a few reasons mainly because I did not like the class I was at.

 It was a class at 9 am on a weekday morning which I felt was perfect as I always seem to weigh less first thing in the morning. However, the class was really busy and sometimes I would spend up to half an hour just waiting in a line to get weighed. I also often had my children with me and they would get restless and prevented me from staying to class, which was a major disadvantage as the main element of Slimming world is staying to class as you learn and get support. As the class was so busy I never spoke to my consultant once in three months I attended and I never got the chance to talk to any other members. 

So I have had a look on the slimming world's website and I have found a new class just down the road from where I live and it is at 7pm on a Monday evening. This means I will be able to attend on my own without the children as they will be in bed with daddy looking after them. I will be able to stay to group every week and it is also a much smaller and less busy group which is what I think I need. I am the perfect example that to stick to the plan and give it 100 % you need to find a group that works best for you. I need to stay to group each week as just weighing and then leaving is preventing me from getting the support and motivation that I need.

So tomorrow night I am joining my new group and I am also going to stick to my weekly meal planning. I am going to make sure I try lots of new recipes as I think I was sticking to the same meals too much last time and getting bored. 

If anyone else is in the same situation as I am don't give up on your diet just write things off and start again tomorrow. Or if you need to find a new class then find one, as I for one know that without attending group I won't stick to the plan and I will just end up gaining weight instead of losing it. It is time for me to get back on track, lose the weight and be the mum that I want my children to have. After all, life is to short to keep putting things off and being unhappy with my weight. 

If you are on a diet what helps motivate you to keep on track? 



  1. Good luck with the group. I've had a massive wobble and need to get back on the wagon. Pronto.

    1. Thank you Beth, ah no have you, yes get back on it as you were doing amazingly well ! I am blaming the holidays and I am hoping when we are back in a routine with school and work etc then it will be easier to stick to xx

  2. Dieting is so hard....Wishing you the best of luck with the new group!

    1. Thank you so much Kim , I think that I really have done the right thing moving groups as the new one is so lovely xx

  3. oh i find it so hard to stick to any diet at all

    1. At least I am not the only one , although I am finding Slimming World really easy to stick to when I focus as I never feel hungry xx


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