Monday, 13 July 2015

I Am The Mum Who

A few weeks ago I was tagged by the lovely Rachel from in the I am the mum who tag. As Jacob has not been sleeping for week's blogging has taken a bit of a back seat but I am finally getting a chance to sit down and catch up on blogging again, so here is my I am the mum who post.

I am the mum who is called mam not mum.

I am the mam who cannot remember life before being a mam as I had my eldest when I was only 18 years old.

I am the mam who had a child in her teens, twenties and thirties. I had Chloe when I was 18, Sophia at 29 and Jacob at 30.

I am the mam who spent each of her pregnancies terrified that something would go wrong and never fully relaxed and enjoyed pregnancy.

I am the mam who has had two inductions and one normal birth and actually preferred the induced births, as I felt safer in hospital being monitored.

I am the mam who was so ill with gallstones when pregnant with Sophia I spent a week in the hospital and lost two stone in weight in my last two months of being pregnant. I then had surgery when my baby was a few months old to remove my gallbladder.

I am the mam who was a single parent for many years and never thought she would ever have more then one child.

I am the mam who has a ten year age gap between my oldest and middle child and only 14 months between my middle and youngest child.

I am the mam who misses her own mam more than anything in the world. I wish she had of met all my children and been here to help me when parenting gets hard.

I am the mam who wishes she could do better and be as good a mam as her own mam was.

I am the mam who wishes she was good at baking or crafts but can't stand the mess so I give my children Mr Kipling cakes and a colouring book instead.

I am the mam who never seem's to have a tidy house any more and it drives me mad.

I am the mam who's children are always better dressed than her and have wardrobes bursting with clothes while I live in jeans or leggings.

I am the mam who wishes she could return to work but childcare for two little ones is too expensive.

I am the mam who would love to be pregnant and enjoy newborn snuggles again but knows that it is never going to happen as our family is complete.

I am the mam who gets more excited about Christmas and my children's birthdays then they do.

I am the mam who loves being a mam more than anything in the world.

Thank's for the tag Rachel I now tag Lauren , Kat and Nikki if they would like to join in. 



  1. Yay for us Mam's....I think it must be a Northern thing. lol
    Lovely to read x

    1. It really must be a northern thing as i never hear anyone get called mam anywhere but around here. Thank you Kim xx

  2. Lovely to read pet, thanks for tagging me! I much prefer mam over mum, but where we live now everyone uses mum so that's what my kids call me.
    I know what you mean about a messy house, my house looks like a rubbish dump most days!x

    1. Your welcome Lauren, I love how you call everyone pet. I know no-one seems to be called mam much do they must be a northern thing. Haha mine looks like a rubbish dump too, I have a little tikes car in the middle of the living room and a cow space hopper as the toddler wants them indoors , it is a crazy house xx


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