Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Blogger Scavenger Hunt With Into The Blue

I am taken part in a fun blogger scavenger hunt with Into The Blue today, three teams are taken part in the hunt and I am a part of the parenting team along with Lucinda from Jade from and Jenny from  We have all been given a clue to a experience on the Into The Blue website and we have to find out what we think our experience is and then head over to are fellow team mates blogs to find out  the winning word, which is made up from the first letter from each of our words. If you are reading this then do feel free to play along and help us out.

The clue that I was given is the picture below and I had to unscramble the words and see what I thought the clue was.

My Clue

This is the clue I was given and I think it spells out Family Portrait  which are available from just £20 on the website and I know I would love for myself as we have no nice family portraits yet.

Family Portrait

Do you think I have uncovered the right experience from the clue I was given? Now why not head on over to my team mates blogs to see what clues they were all given and see if we can work out the winning word using the first letter from each of our clue's. Or you can follow all the other team's on twitter using the hashtag #ITBScavengerHunt and see which team wins, keep your fingers crossed for the parenting team as we think the word is Fizz.



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