Friday, 26 June 2015

Losing My Diet Motivation

I have been following the Slimming World diet plan in a bid to lose my baby weight and things were going well, I had lost one stone in weight. I was feeling happier about myself as my clothes were fitting better, I was eating better and I had more energy. I really thought that I had broken my bad eating habits. And then last week it kind of all fell apart.

I had a holiday put in for last weeks class as I was I was in London attending Britmums, and I think that knowing I was not going to class that week threw me off track. I had stuck to the plan all week but the night before I went away I went out for a meal to Frankie and Benny's and I ordered burger and chips. Then I went to London for the weekend and I drank wine, ate pizzas, chips, baguettes and had a Chinese takeaway when I returned home. 

I thought that I would have a weekend off Slimming World whilst I was away and then get back on the plan the next day, but it was Fathers Day so we had another takeaway for tea and I have well and truly fell off plan this week. I have had toast with butter on every day for breakfast, I have eaten crisps and biscuits, I have had sausage and chips from the chippy and some of my meals have not been at all slimming world friendly. 

I know full well I will have gained weight as my clothes feel tighter, I feel bloated and pretty rubbish if I am honest. I was going to go to class yesterday and just face the music and see how much damage I had done but I chickened out, which is probably the worst thing I could have done as I have no idea how much weight I have gained. I wouldn't be surprised if I have gained the stone I had lost so far. 

I do this to myself all of the time, I get down about my weight decided to go on diet and I stick at it for a few weeks and lose one or two stone and then I seem to just sabotage all of my good work by slipping back into old habits and overeating and then I end up feeling worse about myself. It is a vicious circle that I really need to break, I am a classic comfort eater who eats when I am down or bored, out of habit more than anything. 

 Normally I would just totally give up on a diet now and never go back to class but this time is different, this time I know that I need to keep at it. This is the biggest that I have ever been, I gained four stone when pregnant with Jacob and another stone after he was born. That is five stone of extra weight, I also could have done with losing one or two stone before I had him, so as you can see I have a lot of weight to lose.

The thing is I know that I can do this and I know that this plan can work as I have been following another blogger the lovely Emma from Mrs Shilts who has lost a very impressive four stone on Slimming World and looks amazing! She is my inspiration to keep going as I want to be where she is a year from now. If you are wanting to lose some weight or you are on Slimming World then you really should visit her blog as it is full of honest weight loss updates and yummy looking healthy recipes.

 I need to follow Emma's advice and draw a line under this week and get back on the diet and face class next week and I fully expect a gain but I'm ok with that. As long I get back on track and follow the plan 100 % I know that in a few weeks I will be back to losing weight. I just need to do the hard part now which is to try and break this cycle of comfort eating and get back on track tomorrow, as I have just eaten four chocolate biscuits whilst writing this and now feel very sick!



  1. Thank you for the mention Lindsay, you're very kind.

    When I have bad days, I try and not let it ruin my week. I always try and start again the next morning and start with a SW friendly breakfast and then make choices throughout the day to help me keep on track. I question myself all the time; should you be eating that? How many syns is that? Could you have something else that's free that'll fill you up instead? Could you be thirsty? Have a drink! Seriously, I drive myself mad but I know that once I've got one or two days on plan under my belt I start to feel so much better.

    Don't be too hard on yourself. Get back on track and enjoy the rewards xx

  2. I agree with all of Emma's comments above. You've done really well so far - so don't forget that! x

  3. Dieting is so incredibly hard and it is inevitable you will have slip ups. But it is getting back on a drawing a line under it that will get you to where you want to go. I have been on holiday and been off my diet for two weeks I am dreading getting back on the scales tomorrow morning but I will and I will get back on because I so need to lose this weight and. Real my confort eating cycle forever. I know how you feel I really really do xxx

  4. Dieting is so so hard. You have done so well so far, don't let this blip spoil everything for you. You know what happened and you learn from it and move forward. Don't be too hard on yourself xx

    1. Thank you, i think i am back on track now as i know if i stick at it then i will lose the weight xx


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