Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Sponsor Me For Britmums Live 2015

I have been debating writing this post for months now as i don't really like the idea of asking for things, it is the northerner in me. But i thought i may as well as like they say in Newcastle " Shy bairns get nowt " people do actually say that by the way i didn't make it up. 

Anyway enough of me blabbering on time to get to the point, the biggest blogging event of the year Britmums live is just a few weeks away and i am one of the lucky bloggers who is going to be attending. Britmums is a two day blogging event held in London on the 19th and 20th June 2015 and will be attended by hundreds of UK parenting bloggers. But it is not just a social event it will also be attended by many brands and will also have many workshops throughout the two day's so i can actually learn all about blogging and social media instead of having to goggle everything. You can find out all about Britmums live here

However as the event is held in London and i am in Newcastle these things end up being rather expensive as i have had to buy a ticket, pay for train travel and book a hotel. And i am looking for a sponsor to help me with some of the costs as i am currently on maternity leave and the pay is pretty rubbish. I am offering full or partial sponsorship to cover my return train travel Newcastle to London which is £80 and one nights hotel stay which is £60 which in total comes to £140. I have managed to keep costs as low as possible by booking everything in advance, i will cover all other costs such as extra travel and food myself. 

In return for sponsoring me to the event i will be your blogger on the ground at the event and will offer a one year advertising package in return which would include.
  • A blog post introducing you as my sponsor with links to your site and social media, which i will share across my social media.
  • Mention you with links in all blog posts about Britmums before and after the event.
  • Tweets before, during and after the event mentioning your brand, i have 3000 + Twitter followers.
  • Include your logo and details on my business cards which will be handed out at the event ( no extra cost) 
  • Wear a badge with your details on or use branded stationary etc at the event if you wish to supply some.
  • Have your badge on my blog homepage sidebar for one year, which will stand out as i currently have no advertising on my blog. 
  • Review and run giveaways of your products on my blog throughout the year if you wish.
  • Guest post on your blog and you can guest post on my blog about your brand. 
I am happy to discuss any other ways that we could work together throughout the year as part of a sponsorship package. 

So why sponsor me? 

I know i have probably left it far to late to actually get a sponsor now as the event is less then four weeks away, but i have booked my tickets and will be going regardless of if i get a sponsor or not. However i would love a sponsor as now that i have started to spend more time on my blog and watch it grow i would love to build a lasting relationship with a brand that i can work closely with throughout the year and beyond. I have only been blogging a year and i still have so much to learn which i hopefully will do at Britmums. I have already achieved so much in a year of blogging and i know that if i worked hard and spent more time on my blog i could make it even better and this in return would generate more exposure for your brand. 

If you are interested in finding out more or would like to sponsor me either fully or partial then please email me Lindsay at newcastlefamilylife@gmail.com  

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  1. Good luck hun, I am sure you will find one :) Jess x See you there! x

    1. Thank you Jess , i did get a sponsor the day after i wrote this which is amazing. Hopefully i will see you on Friday/ Saturday x


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