Sunday, 10 May 2015

50 Things That Make Me Happy

I have been seeing so many people do the 50 thing's that make me happy posts and I have loved reading everyone's answers. I have been tagged twice to take part from Lianne over at The Brunette Says and Laura at Laurasarahdoll and I have eventually gotten around to posting my answers, so here is 50 thing's that make me happy

1.) My children

2.) My partner

3.) My dad

4.) Sleep

5.) Home

6.) Family time

7.) Hot bubble baths

8.) Day's out

9.) Memories of my mam

10.) MyiPhonee

11.) My blog

12.) Slimming World & Losing weight

13.) My children's laughter

14.) Fresh bedding

15.) Hot cup's of tea

16.) Chinese food

17.) Christmas

18.) Cuddles

19.) Maternity leave

20.) Watching my children play together

21.) A tidy house

22.) Yankee candles

23.) Birthdays

24.) Meals out

25.) Reading

26.) Roast dinners

27.) Watching my children sleep

28.) Diet coke out of a can, as it tastes nicer.

29.) Looking back at old photo's.

30.) Disneyland

31.) Sunny days

32.) Good hair days

33.) Shopping

34.) The smell of my freshly bathed babies

35.) New pj's on xmas eve

36.) Going to the cinema and eating popcorn mixed with minstrels

37.) Holidays

38.) Horses

39.) Peace and quiet

40.) Being cozy in bed when its raining outside

41.) Visiting the seaside for fish and chips

42.) Fairgrounds

43.) Adventures

44.) Galaxy chocolate

45.) Relaxing with a cuppa and a magazine

46.) Cool running's, its my happy film

47.) New shoes

48.) Getting my hair done

49.) Lie ins

50.) Life

I now tag Karen at Monkeyfooted Mum Steph at Mental Parentals  if they would like to join in.


  1. Ooh Yankee candles why do they have to be so expensive. Galaxy chocolate always tasteps better than cadbury. Mixing your popcorn and minstrels that's a new concept. ☺

  2. Fab list!! Popcorn mixed with minstrels sounds like a taste sensation!! Thanks for the tag hun xx


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