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Saving Money On Your Baby Shopping

Having a baby can be very expensive, having had three children myself I know that preparing for a new arrival can be both exciting and also rather stressful at the same time. You want everything to be perfect for your new bundle of joy and you want to make sure that you are well prepared for there arrival. But step into any baby store and you will be met with so many products all claiming to be the must-have baby product. It can be so confusing trying to decide what you do and do not need, I know I have been there myself.

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When I had my eldest I went totally overboard and spent a small fortune getting ready for her arrival, she had a beautifully decorated nursery with everything matching, a top of the range pram, a wardrobe full of tiny outfits and so many gadgets and toys. And you know what we did not even use most of the stuff, the clothes never got worn, she soon outgrew the nursery and I think I had brought enough baby toiletries to last her until she was six. 

By the time I had baby number three last August I knew what I did and did not actually need and it is fair to say I spent a lot less then I did the first time around. So what do you actually need for baby and how can you make having a baby a lot less expensive? 

First make a list of what you actually need, yes you may have your heart set on gorgeous matching bedding and cot mobile but do you really need it? the honest answer is no, not really. So stick to the essentials which are 

  • Somewhere to sleep, you will need a cot or crib and remember that you will need a new mattress if it is a second-hand cot.
  • Bedding, you really do not need to buy cot quits and bumpers, yes they look nice but they are not recommended for children under one. You only really need two fitted sheets and a couple of blankets or I use sleeping bags as I find them safer.
  • A car seat, you won't be able to bring baby home from the hospital without a one and by law you have to have a car seat when travelling in a car with a baby. 
  • A pram so you can get out and about with your little one, Or if you are baby wearing you will need a sling or carrier for getting out and about.
  • If your bottle feeding, you will need a steriliser about six bottles and a tin of formula. For breastfeeding, you will need nursing bras and breast pads.
  • You will need nappies and baby wipes and baby bath products. You will also need some cotton wool balls as most midwives/hospitals will recommend you use cotton wool and water to clean babies at first. Don't go crazy on the toiletries though you only really need bubble bath and nappy cream. 
  • Clothes this is where I spend far too much money but baby clothes are just too cute. You really only need vests, baby grows, hat, socks a jacket and plenty of bibs. Trust me everyone you know will buy you baby outfits once your baby is born. 
Then once you have all these things organised if you want you can buy all the lovely extras like nice changing bags and cute outfits and toys - as I know I am guilty of this even when I had baby number three. But a great way to save money when buying your essentials and also those lovely extras is to visit websites like voucherbin which is a great website where you find many money saving vouchers on so many great baby and children products which could help you save on all those baby buys. And you never know whilst browsing the website you might also see some great offers on treats for yourself too.

Disclosure this is a collaborative post. 


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  1. I so agree with you Lindsay, I think people spend way too much on baby stuff, some of which they never use or use twice and could easily either do without, or at least buy for a lot less money!

    Stevie xx


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