Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Badgemaster - Review

I have now been blogging for one whole year ! I am amazed that i have actually stuck at it as i normally give up any kind of hobby within a few weeks, but i have stuck at blogging even through those exhausting newborn days when i had my son seven months ago and became a mum of three. I never really took my blogging seriously , it was a hobby and i posted very sporadically to start with. 

But amazingly my blog has steadily grown and i have had some amazing opportunities through blogging and i am even starting to earn money from my blog and have had to register as being self employed. I have started to get invited to events and i even have my ticket to BritMums Live in June which is a two day blogging conference in London. Shameless plug alert but if any brand out there would like to sponsor me to attend then please do get in touch to learn about the great advertising package i can offer you in return. 

With events like BritMums lined up i have been wondering how people will actually know who i am, what if no one recognises me ? I talk to so many bloggers every day and i am ashamed to say i do not even know some of there names , i just know there blog name or Twitter names . And i am sure many people are the same with me they know my blog name but not my actual name , it is Lindsay by the way just in case anyone was wondering. 

So when i heard about Badgemaster a name badge design service, i just knew that i had to get a badge of my own so that people actually knew who i was at events. The website is so simple to use and it is so quick and easy to design your own badge with easy to follow step by step instructions. You can chose your own shape, colour, finish and even what kind of fastening you would like on your badge . You then add your own text and you can add your blog logo if you have a one, i don't so i have just added my name and then my blog URL underneath  in clear black text so hopefully people will now know who i am.

Once you design your badge you save your design and then request a quote for the badge you have created . I received an e-mail within a few hours from the lovely customer service team at Badgemaster and was given a price for my badge and postage costs. Which was very reasonable at £7.92 in total. I was then given a phone number to ring and order my badge and paid via debit card , which was quick and easy with friendly staff on the phone. And was told my order would be dispatched in around ten days.

However a couple of week's passed and no badge had arrived so i e-mailed the customer service team who said my badge had been sent out a week ago and as i had not received it they would get another made and sent out to me. And they did and i received my new badge just over a week later. The customer service team were very friendly and helpful. 

My badge arrived via royal mail and was well packaged and easily fitted through the letter box. I was very impressed when i opened it as you can tell that it very well made and professional looking. Which is no surprise really as if you look on the Badgemaster website http://www.badgemaster.co.uk you will see that they have a very impressive customer base with lots of big household brands using them to create there company badges. 

So if you are looking for a badge for your company or if you a blogger like myself who will be attending events this year then i really do recommend Badgemaster as they are affordable, professional and high quality badges and wearing this badge will make sure that people actually know my name and who i am at events. 

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* Disclosure : I was sent a badge free of charge for the purpose of this review , however all opinions are my honest account of the product and service i received . 



  1. Good idea, I haven't been to any blogging events yet, but I'd imagine if I did the hardest bit would be trying to work out who was who! ;) Stevie x

  2. It is a great idea, i have only been to a craft event and a Mothercare one so far and i struggled knowing who people are as i just know there blog or twitter names lol xx


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