Sunday, 5 October 2014

Review : Ozeri Digital Pedometer

Baby Jacob is now six week's old and I have started to think about getting a bit healthier and losing some baby weight. So when I was given the chance to review a digital pedometer from Ozeri I thought that this would be the perfect chance to implement my new healthier lifestyle, as I plan on walking lots with the buggy to get healthy.

pedometer in package

The pedometer arrived really quickly from Amazon. In the box with the pedometer was a lanyard to attach to it so that you can wear it around your neck if you wish, there was also an instruction leaflet. a warranty and a small screwdriver for when you need to replace the battery, which is a nice idea as I can never find small screwdrivers to open things when I need to.

The pedometer was really easy to set up with really clear, easy to follow instructions on how to set the date and time. You also have to set your weight and do some practise steps wearing the pedometer so that it can be programmed to work out your steps more accurately, again this was really easy to set up with the instructions.

I found it really lightweight and compact so that I did not even realise I was wearing it, which is a good. I tried wearing it two ways, around my neck on the lanyard and also in my pocket. I found both ways gave accurate readings. Another great thing I found out was that each night at midnight it resets itself, which is great as when I have worn a pedometer in the past I have forgotten to reset it and lost count of my steps for the next day. It also records your steps over a seven day period which is a handy way to keep track of how you have done over a week-long period. This is good for me as I am trying to up my steps each week and it tells you how long you have actually spent walking each day. It automatically goes into sleep mode when it does not detect movements for over 30 seconds which helps save the battery life.

But the thing I like the most is that it tells you how many calories you have used which is perfect for working out if you burnt that biscuit or two that you accidentally ate with your cuppa this morning.

Overall I am really pleased with this pedometer it looks good, its lightweight, can be worn different ways, is easy to use, and records your steps over seven days and I love the fact that it helps you see how many calories you have burnt. I will continue to use this pedometer each day to keep track of my steps and help to encourage me to move more to achieve my weight loss goals. This pedometer is perfect for either someone like me who just wants to walk more to lose weight or for someone who is into fitness.

You can buy this Ozeri digital pedometer from amazon and it is priced at £15.95 and comes with free delivery.

* Disclosure: I was sent this pedometer from Ozeri for the purpose of this review, however, all words and opinions are my own honest account of the product and I was not paid for this review. 

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