Wednesday, 6 August 2014

10 Thing's I Miss When I Am Pregnant

Now that my pregnancy is coming to an end and I am only days away from meeting my baby. I recently did a post about 10 things i love about being pregnant . However pregnancy is not all amazing, there are days when it is hard work and there are things that you miss about your normal life - as nine months is a long time to be pregnant. So here are the ten things that I miss the most about my normal life when I am pregnant.

1.) Dippy egg's and soldiers.

When you are pregnant you have to avoid certain foods and most people will probably miss drinking alcohol, but I am not a big drinker so that does not bother me in the slightest. But one thing I really miss eating when I am pregnant is dippy egg and soldiers. It is a proper comfort food to eat for breakfast that reminds me of my childhood when I make this for the girls I am always jealous. I cannot wait to eat this once baby is born, although I probably won't even want it once I can have it again.

2.) Wearing nice shoes.  

When I am pregnant my feet seem to get really fat and I end up having to buy shoe's in a size bigger than normal. The only thing that is practical and comfortable when you are pregnant is flat sensible shoes. As soon as the baby is born I am going to go out and treat myself to some pretty shoes.

3.) My normal clothes.

When pregnant I seem to live in leggings and stretchy maternity tops. As I  have had my last two pregnancy's so close together I feel like I have lived in maternity clothes for the last two years non-stop. I recently sorted all my 'normal' clothes out and I have so many lovely dresses and outfits that I would love to wear again. I even miss wearing jeans.

4.) Being able to walk normally and not wobble everywhere. 

Once you get a bump your whole centre of gravity changes and I have been wobbling when I walk for months now and walking is so uncomfortable. I get out of breath just walking up the stairs these days.

5.) Having energy. 

The first trimester is tough, all my energy was zapped and I felt pretty rotten. My second trimester was better and I functioned normally, since I hit the third trimester I have been so tired again thanks to having low iron levels. I would love some energy to actually clean the house properly and to stay up late enough to actually watch a tv show on a night time or to spend time playing with my girls. Although I am probably going to be even more tired once the baby arrives and I go back to sleepless nights. Someone pass me the coffee ........

6.) Being able to sleep all night. 

I have not had a full night sleep since I have been pregnant, in fact, I have not had a full night sleep for the last two years. Two pregnancy's six months apart have made sure of that. I can't wait to sleep again without constant trips to the bathroom, discomfort, leg cramps waking me up or pregnancy insomnia. 

7.) Feeling like me. 

Pregnancy turns me into a right moody cow, I am so blaming the pregnancy hormones for this one. I am vile when I am pregnant  I snap, i whinge, i cry, I am huffy and I am just a total grumpy miserable nightmare to be around. I can't wait to feel normal again.

8.) Having a social life that does not revolve around medical appointments.

The amount of medical appointments I have to attend when pregnant is astonishing. I have had weekly midwife appointments, monthly hospital appointments and then there have been appointments to get immunisations and dental appointments, the health visitor has came out to discuss baby. And then I also have to take the girls for medical appointments too, Chloe has asthma and dental appointments Sophia has had checkups and immunisations and goes to get weighed.

9.) My memory.

Some people say baby brain does not exist well I am proof it does exist. I muddle my words up all the time, I repeat myself constantly and I am so forgetful I have forgotten appointments, birthdays, I even forgot my own date of birth the other week. I can't remember what I dian a hour ago never mind what I did last week. But hopefully, things will return to normal soon.

10.) Being able to see my feet. 

With a big bump in the way I have forgotten what my feet look like I have not been able to see the lower half of my body for months now.  I would love to be able to cut my own toenails, put on socks without having to sit down first and put my own shoes on easily.

So those are the things I miss when i am pregnant, I am sure that everyone has totally different things that they missed when they were/are pregnant. I would love to know what you missed when you were pregnant.

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