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Pregnancy Number One

Pregnancy number one with my big girl, all the way back in 2002!

Now that I am more than halfway through my current pregnancy, and I keep saying that this is the easiest pregnancy yet and I don't even feel pregnant (I really hope I do not regret saying that) I thought I would look back on my previous two pregnancy and births. So this post is all about my very first pregnancy with my eldest daughter Chloe all the way back in 2002, twelve years ago! Apologies for the lack of photo's but I do not have any photo's as this was way before iPhone/ digital camera's and social media were about, my god that makes me sound so old!! so here goes......

I found out that I was pregnant all the way back in February 2002 when I was only 18 year's old and it was a massive shock! 

 The first few week's of my pregnancy went by in a blur as I was still in shock. Then when I was 10 week's pregnant I started to bleed, I was convinced I had lost my baby. Luckily an emergency scan the next day showed that baby was fine and from that moment on I fell in love with my little baby and I vowed to be the best mum that I could be and that my baby would have the best of everything, just because I was young  I was not going let that hold my baby back in life.

 My parent's had recently separated and I moved in with my mam and set about turning my bedroom into a beautiful lemon nursery. I was lucky enough to have savings (which was supposed to be for a car and driving lessons) but I went out and blew the lot on a mama's and papa's nursery, matching pine bedroom furniture and a wardrobe full of baby clothes, pram, car-seat and probably every baby product that you could buy I spent about £2500! Which looking back now is absolutely crazy.
I knew nothing at all about baby's or pregnancy, so I spent all of my free time reading pregnancy book's and magazine's trying to find out and learn as much as I could.

At my 20 week scan, they thought there was something wrong with baby's heart and I had to go back to the hospital a week later to see a specialist to have another scan and thankfully everything was fine and normal. I didn't find out if the baby was pink or blue I was having a surprise baby.

At around 16/17 week's I started feeling the baby move about which was so strange and at about 20 week's I started to get a bump. My bump quickly got huge and everyone thought I was having twins, I actually put on 4 stone in pregnancy weight I was the size of a house! I craved snicker's and ice cold milk (I hate milk) from 20weeks onwards my pregnancy started to get tough. I had really bad heartburn and I use to sleep with a bottle of Gaviscon by my bed each night which I use to practically drink. 

 Being pregnant so young was really tough, I was scared as everything was new to me and it was really hard coping with my changing body at such a young age. I also lost touch with most of my friend's as I couldn't do thing's a normal 18 years old could do like going clubbing, holiday's, dates and uni. I use to just sit at home every night watching the soaps. I also felt that when I went to medical appointments the doctor's / midwife's etc would talk to my mum who came with me rather than to me even though I was the one who was pregnant. 

When I got to the third trimester my blood pressure started to get high, up until then i had been a low-risk pregnancy under midwife-led care but I started having to go to the hospital every week so that baby could get monitored. In the last few week's of my pregnancy, I was put on bed rest and the midwife used to come out to check my blood pressure at home a few time's a week and whenever it was high, which was quite often I would get sent to the hospital to get checked out. The hospital always sent me home again. I use to get so sick and wished they would just keep me in instead of having to go back and forth to the hospital all the time.

 I was upset and frustrated when my due date came and went, I thought I would be pregnant forever and never meet my baby. My blood pressure got higher and my hands and feet swelled right up and I was sent to see a consultant at the hospital when I was seven day's overdue. The consultant said I had pre-eclampsia and I had to go home get my hospital bag and come back to the hospital that night and be induced.

I was so relieved my pregnancy was finally going to be over I had hated every minute of it and found it so hard. I was also very scared that I was going to lose my baby due to preeclampsia, even though my mum had it with me and I was fine I had read so many horror stories about it and I was petrified.

 I went into the hospital that night but I was not actually induced until the next day when I was eight day's overdue. After a four and a half hour induced labour, I was a finally a mummy to a lovely healthy little girl weighing 8lb 3oz called Chloe Rose. She changed my life forever.


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