Friday, 6 March 2015

Safely Storing My Baby's Keepsakes

I am a bit of a hoarder , my home is full of the special mementos of my children's special moments in life. Both of my girls have special keepsake boxes full of memories , from the first outfits they wore to there first birthday cards. They are little treasure troves of wonderful and unforgettable moments in there lives. However my baby boy Jacob does not have a special memory box like his sisters, bad mum alert! I have kept all of his special items dotted around the house i just have never gotten around to actually buying him a box and sorting everything out. I am blaming it on the fact he is a third child and i never have time to do anything.

So when Safestore got in touch and told me about the blogger competition #Safestoreyourmemories  which was to create a memory box i knew this would be the kick up the bum i needed to organise Jacobs memory box so he is not left out. And  also more importantly so that i did not lose any of his special little keepsakes .Especially as we are planning on moving this year and i would hate to lose anything in the move.

The first task was to decorate the box, anyone who knows me will know that i am not in the least bit crafty , in fact i am terribly bad at crafts if i am honest. However my oldest daughter loves crafts so i thought it would be a lovely idea for her to decorate the memory box for her baby brother. So she got to work writing his name and year he was born and then decorating it with some stickers. It is not the best box but it was made with love off my daughter for her brother so that makes it extra special to me.

Then it was time to fill the box with special memory's. Jacob is only six months old so the box is only half full as i want to leave room for all his special achievements in life such as his first shoes, his first lock of hair, his first birthday cards and school reports.

So here is what i have added so far

  • His baby scan photos, i have kept all my children's scan photos and i had to include these so they were safe as i would hate to lose these.
  • His very first outfit he wore when he was first born, i can not believe how tiny it is.
  • His hospital tags he had around his feet, my dad still has mine off when i was born.
  • His first letter off Santa from his first Christmas when he was a few months old
  • His christening certificate and candle
  • Cards from family and friends he received for his christening
  • A card that i received last mothers day " from the bump" when he was still in my tummy.
  • Photographs of when he was first born and one every month of his life so far, so we can look back and see how he has grown. 
  • First curl and tooth boxes he got given, so i can store them somewhere safe
  • A newspaper cutting of my mums death, just so he can see what happened to her and read what an amazing women she was as it breaks my heart my children will never meet her and i want them to know as much as they can about her. 

It was so lovely making this box as myself and my eldest daughter loved looking back on the last few months and seeing how much Jacob has grown. Since losing my own mum i have realised that happy memory's are the best thing ever and i want my children to have boxes full of happy memories of there childhoods, I want them to know how loved they are and all the good times we shared , as memory's can be treasured forever. So now i just need to make sure i store this box somewhere safe as i would hate to lose any of these treasured possessions. 
* Disclosure : This is my entry into the Safestore bloggers competition #Safestoreyourmemories

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  1. Such a lovely idea! I'm a bit of a hoarder with the children's keepsakes but they're saved all over the place and I'm always worried that I'm going to loose something!
    Becca xx


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