Thursday, 19 March 2015

Elias Superwipes

As a mum to a baby a toddler and a teen i am very aware of how messy children can be. The baby is always being sick on me, himself and the sofa, the toddler loves to cover herself in food and always seems to cover me in sticky hand prints. And the teen is at an age where she is discovering make-up and is always knocking over drinks. And i admit sometime's i make a mess myself too with coffee stains down my top being a regular occurrence.

It is safe to say that i have defiantly encounted my fair share of stains over the years and have even been knowing to throw stained clothing out in the past as i could not be bothered to keep trying to get the stain out. I know that the best thing to do with a stain is to steep it straight away but being a busy mum or when out and about that's not always possible to do.

This is where Elias Superwipes come in handy. They are a small pack of dry cleaning wipes that will remove food and drink stains from your clothing and they are the perfect size to pop into your changing bag / handbag for when you need them. The pack is smaller then a pack of baby wipes and each pack contains five wipes which look similar to a baby wipe.

They are very simple to use as soon as you spot a stain you just rub the stain with the wipe in a circular motion for a bit and then leave it to dry for ten minutes. And the stain vanishes just like that, no scrubbing at clothes or steeping them or having to pop them straight in the washing machine. I have used them to clean up baby sick, juice and ketchup stains and each time the stain has gone straight away. I was really impressed as i was half expecting them not to work but they really do.

I think that these are perfect for anyone to have at home for emergencies when you may spill something on your clothing or your children make a mess. They are ideal for keeping in your bag in case of any spillages when out and about or on holiday as no one wants to be caught out with a big messy stain down there front on a day out.

They are priced at £2.99 per pack but the only downside is that they are not available to buy in local supermarkets at the moment and they need to be brought online at and they are also stocked in various stockists in London which you can check on there website.

* Disclosure : I was sent some Elias superwipes for the purpose of this review , however all views are my own honest account of the product i received. 


  1. These are fab! I've tried these in the past and loved them....I only wish there was more in a packet x

    1. I know a bigger pack would be great for keeping at home, as i used two packs in less then a week with my messy children. I would love it if they were available to buy in the supermarket then i could pick up some with the weekly shop xx


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