Friday, 2 January 2015

Goodbye 2014 Thanks For A Brilliant Year

As it is now the second day of 2015 i have been spending the last week or so reflecting on 2014. And looking back on 2014 it was a pretty amazing year for myself and my family. Now that the craziness that is Christmas has passed and life is starting to resume some form of normality, i thought that i would take this chance while both babies are in bed to have a proper look back on 2014. So we can look back in years to come and see what an amazing year we had.

2014 started off rather amazing for us, we had just celebrated Sophia's very first Christmas and it was are first proper family Christmas. As it was the first one that i had actually had off work in years ,thanks to being on maternity leave. Sophia was seven months old, Chloe was eleven years old and my maternity leave was coming to an end and i was dreading returning to work. However in the middle of January i found out i was pregnant! I should have actually found out i was pregnant in the December but as i had no pregnancy symptoms it never even crossed my mind i might be pregnant.  We were both over the moon to be having another baby as we had always planned on having two babies close in age. So i decided that i would not be returning to work as it actually worked out that i would still be entitled to maternity pay as i was classed as employed when i fell pregnant.

February i had my first ultrasound scan when i was 13 weeks pregnant and it was so nice and reassuring to find out everything was OK with the baby. I had been a bit worried as my pregnancy was so soon after having Sophia ( six months) and was just weeks after i had surgery to remove my gallbladder. But everything was perfect and we could finally tell everyone are good news.

Jacob's 13 week scan
March was the month that i decided to start this blog. I had been reading my old school friends Samantha's blog and from there i had discovered parenting blogs , and as i had recently found out i was pregnant i thought that i would start a one too.Simply to record my pregnancy. I never thought anyone would read it , but this blog has grown so much which i am amazed by. Starting a blog was defiantly one of the best things i have ever done as i have discovered so many amazing blogs to read, i have made some lovely blogging friends and had some amazing opportunities through blogging. If anyone is thinking of starting a blog then do it!

Swimming Sophia
April we celebrated Easter and had a lovely weekend as a family visiting the fair and seaside for fish and chips on good Friday. Then having a roast and spending time as a family eating chocolate on the Sunday. Sophia had started taking a few steps when she was nine months old and by April she was walking all over which was so nice to watch her grow from my little baby to an actual toddler.I also had my twenty week baby scan and everything was great with baby although we were unable to find out the gender as baby had its legs crossed, a hand in the way and the cord between its legs.Typical.

Jacob bump
May was a busy month Sophia turned one at the end of the  month and we celebrated her first birthday. She had a Sofia the first themed birthday party at the local soft play and was spoilt and had a great day. We also had a professional cake smash photo shoot done to celebrate her first birthday, i still love these photos now. And Chloe went to Marbella in Spain for a week with my dad , which she totally loved.
Sophia's 1st Birthday Cake Smash
June started well as we had a baby scan ( i had to have them every month due to high blood pressure) and we found out that we were having a baby boy! I was gobsmacked when i found this out as i was so sure we were having another girl. We were all over the moon as we agreed that this was are last baby and we both really wanted a little boy. We also celebrated Lee's birthday and fathers day. Chloe went away with the school to high borrans in the lake district on an adventure weekend which she thoroughly enjoyed.

We found out we were having a boy!
July seen Chloe leave primary school. There was tears at the leavers assembly, by Chloe not me . Although i did have a tear in my eye when they had photos of the children in nursery and reception looking so small and then they had recreated the photos as year 6's. It also marked the start of the summer holidays , as i was so heavily pregnant by now we did not have as many days out as we normally would. But we still had a few nice days out as a family of four.

Day out at the park
August was by far the best month of the year as baby Jacob was born. I was induced at 39 weeks and i was expecting induction to be long and painful , but after finally going into labour after my waters were broken i was only in labour for 40 minutes! The labour was so quick i didn't even have time for pain relief. But i had my baby boy and he was perfect. Although i was rather shocked that after being told throughout my pregnancy that i was having a small baby he arrived weighing a huge 8lb 6 oz. Finally are family was complete.

Newborn Jacob
September seen us start to adjust to being a family of five, the other half returned to work after four weeks off. Chloe started high school, which so far thankfully she loves and has settled into fine and made lots of friends. We had Jacobs newborn photo shoot and i adore the photos. I also become a Babies R Us Babyologist tester which was a great opportunity. However September was hard as Jacob had colic and cried all day long , it was so hard trying to look after him and Sophia who was still just a baby herself as she was only 14 months old when Jacob was born. There was lots of tears from me as well as Jacob.
Newborn photo shoot
October was similar to September in that Jacob was still suffering from colic and cried a lot. Some days were really hard. But it was not all bad as October seen us celebrate Chloe's 12th birthday, I still can't believe she is 12 , she will always be my baby girl. My blog had been rather neglected since having Jacob and i hardly posted as i just did not have the time . But October really saw my blog start to take off i was getting offers to review some great products and my page views were rising all the time, it was crazy to think people other then just me were reading my blog.

Chloe turned 12
November was a brilliant month. Jacobs colic started to go away and he was like a different baby he stopped crying he was smiling and laughing and was such an easy baby to look after. I celebrated my 31st birthday with a nice meal at Prezzo and got lots of nice presents. We had a lucky month with Lee winning £1000 and then the same day i got an e-mail from Mumsnet to say that i had won £1300 worth of kitchen appliances! Blog wise November was a truly amazing month , i got to review more amazing products, i done my first sponsored post and was approached to be a Berry Clever partner and have started making money from my blog. I could also reveal that i had been a mother and baby magazine award tester this year. But the best thing was i got invited by Mothercare to be a one of there VIP bloggers at there Team Valley store re-opening, oh and i got to interview Myleene Klass for my blog , how amazing is that!

Jacob is getting big
December has been great too we celebrated Jacobs very first Christmas which was such a lovely family day and all three children were truly spoilt. It has been so nice to spend time with all three children while Chloe has been on holiday from school. My blog has gone from strength to strength and as it has grown so much lately and i have realised that I'm not the only one reading it! I have decided that i am now going to take my blogging more seriously and i am busy planning a whole new redesigned blog for this year and aim to actually post more often.

Sophia is now a proper little girl 
So 2014 was amazing i started the year pregnant and we welcomed baby Jacob into are family. We watched Sophia grow from a baby to a toddler. Chloe started high school and had an amazing holiday in Spain. I started this blog and have had some amazing oportunities through it.

Now i am excited to see what the new year brings for my blog and also for my family.This year will see my children continue to grow , Chloe will become a teenager. Sophia will turn two and potty training and nursery will begin for her. Jacob will turn one and i can not wait to watch him grow and we will be celebrating his christening next month. My maternity leave ends in march so i will be returning to work at some point this year. Hopefully my blog will grow and i am excited to attend Britmums live this year too. 2014 you were an amazing year and i am sad to see the back of you, but here is hoping that 2015 is just as brilliant. Happy new year everyone i hope 2015 is a good year for you all too.


  1. Such a fab post looking back on your year. It's certainly been a busy one for you! X

    1. Ah thank's Sam, i think it will be a nice post to look back on in years to come. It has been a very busy year im hoping this year is just as good but a lot less busy . Hope you have a brilliant 2015 xx

  2. What a lovely hope 2015 is a great year for you 😄

    1. Thank you Nigel, i hope that you Emily and the children have a fantastic 2015 too


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