Sunday, 25 January 2015

2015 Bucket List

I have seen a few bloggers do bucket lists for the year ahead with things that they would like to do during the year. I think this is a great idea as i always have ideas of things i would love to do but i never write them down and always forget what my ideas are. After spending the last two years either pregnant or looking after a newborn i have decided that this year i want to do more as a family. So i decided to write up a bucket list of things to do this year. I had the idea of writing fifty two different things on my list , one for each week of the year. Some of the things are little things that wont cost anything at all such as jumping in puddles others are things such as going to a concert or going out for a nice meal. I have just wrote down things that are achievable and hopefully fun. So here is my fifty two things bucket list for 2015.

1.) Have a family photo shoot.
2.) Have a weekend away
3.) Attend BritMums
4.) Take Chloe to Alton Towers
5.) Go for afternoon tea.
6.) Take Jacob swimming for the first time
7.) Move house and have fun decorating
8.) Visit Blackfriars restaurant
9.) Teach Sophia to jump in puddles.
10.) Have an adventure
11.) Go to see a fortune teller
12.) Visit a seafood restaurant as the other half loves it but i don't
13.) Do something special to remember my mum on the 10th anniversary of her death.
14.) Go pottery painting with Chloe
15.) Visit Edinburgh zoo
16.) Go strawberry picking
17.) Go to the races.
18.) Take Sophia to the cinema for the first time
19.) Visit York again
20.) Book a family holiday for 2016
21.) Go to a farm
22.) Have a meal at are favourite restaurant Hotel Du Vin
23.) Have an Easter egg hunt.
24.) Go to the theatre as have not been in years.
25.) Have a water fight
26.) Go to a fair.
27.) Take Sophia to see Disney on ice.
28.) Have a pamper day
29.) Take Sophia on a train
30.) Cook a nice romantic meal
31.) Have a picnic in the park.
32.) Go for a family Sunday lunch somewhere 'nice'.
33.) Get my nails done.
34.) Go for a family walk in the woods
35.) Bake with the girls
36.) Day at the beach
37.) Go on a proper date with the other half.
38.) Go to a concert , as have not been in years.
39.) Visit a proper ice cream parlour
40.) Go to a circus
41.) Go on a shopping spree with Chloe
42.) Take the children trick or treating
43.) Make photo albums
44.) Go to a firework display
45.) Embrace messy play
46.) Bake a Christmas cake
47.) Visit a Christmas market
48.) Go ice skating with Chloe
49.) Go to a pantomime
50.) Go for breakfast with Santa.
51.) Have a magical Christmas.
52.) Celebrate New Year.

I will be looking back on this list at the end of the year to see how many of these things we have actually achieved, hopefully it will be most if not all of them. Do you write a yearly bucket list?


  1. Fab list, I really should do something like this!
    Becky x

    1. Thank you, you should so something as writing all this down has motivated me to do things xx


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