Tuesday, 2 December 2014

November- What A Month

I can not believe that it is now December , this year really has flown over so quickly! I really am certain that time speeds up once you are a parent. November turned out to be a rather great month for us , I always love November as its my birthday month and its close to Christmas and I have an excuse to shop and spoil my children. I also love winter as it means cosy nights in and lazy pj days and stodgy home cooked meals like stews and roast dinners.

This November has been a pretty great month as I said it was my birthday on the 11th November- my parents should have called me Poppy saying as I was born on remembrance day. On my actual birthday I did not do much as Jacob had his injections in the morning and then we had baby group in the afternoon. However we had a Chinese for tea ( my favourite) and I got some lovely presents of Lee and the Children. I was treated to a long overdue hair cut and colour and I opted for dark chocolate and caramel ombre hair and had a good few inches cut off to bring my hair back to life as it was in a right state after having Jacob. I got a vanilla cupcake Yankee candle ( I love them) and bath products, soap and glory things , smellies and chocolates. And the best bit was the other half done the night feeds and let me have a lie in, when you have a young baby sleep is the best gift ever!

A couple of days after my birthday grandma was on babysitting duty so me and Lee went out for a very rare meal together as we never get any time together since having Sophia and Jacob and we use to be out at least once a week before we had them. It was lovely to just go out and spend time together alone. We went to Prezzo and had a lovely meal then we had a leisurely afternoon shopping.

Also the day we went out lee won £1000 so he went out and bought me a new laptop just for blogging as mine was rather old and slow. And we spent the rest on Christmas presents , I think we will have three spoilt children once again this year. And then later on that day I received an e-mail from Mumsnet saying that I had won £1300 worth of kitchen appliances! I won a £400 oven a £400 hob and a £500 dishwasher, so we had a super lucky day.

Also in November Jacob has changed so much he is no longer a whingey baby he has turned into a lovely happy little boy who smiles and laughs all the time and hardly cry's anymore unless he is hungry. He is sleeping better too he goes to bed at 7pm and wakes anything between 1-4 times a night for a bottle but then goes straight back to sleep until 7am. Life is so much better when you have some sleep and a break from constant crying. The girls have had a good month too Chloe continues to enjoy high school and went to a concert to see Ed Sheeran and Ella Henderson in November ( I am very jealous) and Sophia is just her normal happy self who is learning new words every single day and is now 18 months old! And we have booked Jacobs christening for february so we will have something to look forward to early next year too.

And blog wise wow what can I say it has been an amazing month. Firstly I got to attend a Mothercare re-opening event as a vip blogger and I got to interview Myleene Klass - amazing! I also started earning money from my blog with two paid opportunities and I even got offered a freelance job opportunity off the back of my blog too. I have also worked with some amazing brands this month such as Degustabox, Dr Browns, Tommee Tippee, Teen Parcel, Lapland Mailroom, Funky Giraffe Bibs, Jellycat & Bellakidz and Berry Clever. I also became a blogging ambassador for Mama Academy and I could tell people I had been a tester for the recent Mother And Baby Magazine awards.And I have booked my Britmums live ticket for next year which I am already feeling nervous about. My page views have went crazy this month and have more then doubled. I really am so thankful that people actual read my blog and this has given me the kick up the bum I need to blog more and make more of an effort with my blog as I have so many ideas in my head and have been so lucky to continue to be working with some more great brands this month too.

I cant wait to see what happens in December, I am getting so excited for Christmas as I cant wait to see Chloe and Sophia's faces on Christmas morning and it will be Jacobs very first Christmas. And I am looking forward to spending quality time with family , eating , drinking and being merry. I hope everyone else had a good November too and fingers crossed we all have an amazing December .


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