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Chloe's Tweenager Christmas Eve Basket

A couple of day's ago you may have seen me post about creating my younger daughter Sophia a toddler Christmas eve basket which you can read about here . Well i have also created her older sister Chloe who is twelve year's old a one too. Obviously as there is a huge age gap between my girl's  (10 years ) i have put totally different things into Chloe's basket. But i have kept the idea similar pyjamas, an activity of some sort, some sweet treats and then i added a few extra little bits i have seen whilst out shopping and was going to add to her stocking but i have included in the basket as she has far to many stocking fillers this year already.

Chloe's Tween Christmas Eve Basket
I have really enjoyed making this basket for Chloe and i hope that she likes it as she obviously has knowing that Santa is not real for a good few years now . But i still want to make Christmas as magical as i can do for her for as long as possible. So here is a look at what i have put in Chloe's tween Christmas eve basket.

Contents of Basket
I have brought Chloe the same basket that i brought for Sophia, which was only around £5 from Home Bargains, and i can just give Chloe the basket to keep and she can store all her little bits and bobs of which she has many such items in her room.

As i mentioned in Sophia's basket post i wanted to include an activity as Christmas eve is long and boring when you are a child. Chloe is far to old for colouring stuff and i have not included a book like i did in Sophia's as Chloe has hardly any interest at all in books. I thought about including a Christmas dvd but we have built up quiet a collection of Christmas dvds over the years and the ones that we do not already own are on sky movies so i thought a dvd would be pointless . So i have opted to get Chloe a make your own gingerbread house. Chloe loves baking and she kept asking for a gingerbread house last year so hopefully she will be happy with this and enjoy making it and it will keep her occupied for an hour. I brought this one from Home Bargains for £4.49 but you buy them from pretty much anywhere for a similar price.

Build Your Own Gingerbread House
I got some Christmas pyjamas and some Christmas slipper socks. My dad has brought Chloe a onesie from next for Christmas eve as he always buys her nice Christmas eve pyjamas every year but i thought i would get her these anyway's as we are planning on having a lazy day at home on Christmas eve watching films all afternoon so she can wear these on the day time, as if she could Chloe would live in pyjamas. The pyjamas were around £10 from New Look teen department and the slipper socks were £1.50 from Primark.

Christmas Pj's And Cosy Socks
As i mentioned we are having a lazy afternoon watching films on Christmas eve so i got Chloe some sweet treats the same as her sister to have while watching films. She has some Cadbury festive biscuits, a chocolate lolly from Sainsbury's, some chocolate coins from Tesco and a marshmallow lolly.
Sweet Treat's
I also got her a cheap Christmas mug from the pound shop and a wispa hot chocolate sachet. we have a tub of hot chocolate in the cupboard but i thought it would still be nice to add a little sachet to her basket and we have mini marshmallows and squirty cream to add to it which she loves and we always have every Christmas eve.

Christmas Mug And Hot Chocolate
Reindeer dust, i know Chloe is far to old for this but i brought her sister some so i had to get Chloe some too this was 99p from the card factory.

Reindeer Dust
A lush bath bomb, she loves Lush bath bombs so i got her a Santa one to use in her bath on Christmas eve. As everyone has to have a nice bath before putting there new Christmas pyjamas on before bed.

Lush Santa Bath Bomb
Little extras. These were things i have just brought when i have been out and seen them and was going to add to her Christmas stocking but she has lots of things already for her stocking so i thought i would add them to her basket. I have got a Christmas lip balm which is candy cane flavour and this was £2 from Claire's. I got this Christmas bauble which has nail varnish and nail glitter in from Primark for £2 and i got the Christmas present earrings and they were only £1 so i got them for Chloe to wear on Christmas day.

Little Christmas Extra's
So that's what is inside Chloe's  tweenager Christmas eve basket. I am hoping she will like it and that it will help get her all excited for Christmas. What have you put inside your child's Christmas eve basket this year if you have made one?

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