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Review: Dr Brown's Baby Bottle's

Anyone who read's my blog or follows me on twitter will know that Jacob has been one rather unsettled baby as he has been suffering from colic since he was two week's old. Any parent who has had a baby who suffers from colic will know just how hard work it can be as your baby just screams in pain for hours on end every day. It is so horrible to watch your tiny little newborn baby screaming in pain and if you are like me you often end up in tears yourself due to feeling sorry for them and down to sheer exhaustion as you spend hours trying all sorts of different things to settle them. It also ruined those first precious few weeks with him as all he done was cry , I felt like I could not fully enjoy him as he was such an unhappy little man.

I tried everything to get rid of his colic, we went to see the doctor who said it was normal for babies to cry a lot. The health visitor said he may just have a underdeveloped digestive system due to him being born a little early and this may be causing him colic. We tried winding him , walking around the room with him, pushing him in his pram, taking him out the car, using infacol and massaging his tummy ( don't do this unless you have been shown how to properly) the list of thing's we tried was endless.

And then someone mentioned Dr Brown's to us, a bottle that has been specially designed to help with colic. So we went out and brought a one to use on a evening when Jacob was the most unsettled to see if this would help him. And his colic definitely started to improve and we seen a drastic reduction in Jacobs screaming episodes. So imagine my delight when Dr Brown's sent us some more bottles to try out.

Dr Brown's were first designed in 1996 by a doctor to help prevent trapped wind in babies due to there special internal vent system ( blue tube in the bottle) and they have rapidly grown into a well known globally recognised brand that parents have grown to know and love.

Dr Brown's say that

" We offer a complete feeding system for happier babies, one that includes the only fully vented vacuum free feeding bottle. Widely recognised by parents and health professionals as the most effective way of preventing colic symptoms caused by regular bottles and teats. Dr Brown's feeding system offers your baby the opportunity for a more comfortable feed.
Dedicated to promoting good health in mothers and their babies, Dr Brown's goal is to provide the best technology-driven products available. Whether your baby is fed on expressed breast milk or infant formula, you will be amazed by the results."

So what were my first impressions of Dr Brown's ? As I mentioned I had previously went out and brought a single bottle to try out myself on Jacob and was impressed with its effectiveness in helping with his colic symptoms. I was then sent the Dr Brown's natural flow 240 ml twin pack bottles to try out. The first thing I noticed about Dr Brown's is the size of the bottle as it is taller then the bottles we had previously been using and at first I was a little worried it would not fit in are steriliser, but they fitted in no problem at all. Also I would make sure that you read the instructions before using these bottles as I did not and I shook the bottle when I made it up to mix the formula up and due to the vent hot milk came pouring out the bottle all over. But if I had read the instructions then I would have knowing not to do this and to stir the formula instead. Also when it came to assembling the bottle I was a little daunted at first due to all the extra parts but I need not have been as it was so simple and quick to put all the parts together.

What did Jacob think of them? At first he was a little unsure of the teat as it was a different shape to the one's he was use to and he is a really fussy baby and only takes certain dummy's and bottle teats, but after a few attempts he stopped fusing and drank from the teat. Jacob is a really hungry greedy baby and he sucks really hard on the teats and with his normal bottles the teat kept collapsing on him but they have never collapsed once while using Dr Brown's. They are also really easy to hold for us parents. Jacob has also been being sick a lot less while using these bottles as beforehand he was a really sickly baby. He has also been a lot more settled after feeds and is bringing wind up more easily and not screaming in pain for hours anymore.

Did they help with his colic? I have definitely noticed a huge difference in Jacob the last few week's and he rarely screams in pain anymore. He seemed to calm down more or less as soon as we started using Dr Brown's as he was not gulping his feeds down as fast as he was beforehand. We have also noticed that he was not as sick as normal while using these bottles.

Good point's
  • They really do help when a baby is suffering with colic.
  • The teat does not collapse when baby is sucking
  • Milk flow is natural and satisfying for baby
  • Easy to use
  • Fit in steriliser
Bad point's
  • When the bottle come's out the steriliser it is hard to see the numbers to fill the water to as they are pale imprints in the bottle rather then the black print I was use to
  • Are a little bit fiddlier then regular bottles to assemble.
Would I recommend ? 

Yes I would do as if you have a baby who suffers with colic or trapped wind then these bottles really do work at helping them. I have heard a few other parents from Jacobs baby group mention that they also use these bottles and recommend them. I also know of parents who have brought these bottles to use with there newborn baby from birth. If you have been using a regular baby bottle then you may find these a little fiddly at first but after you have used them once or twice you get use to them and they are very simple and quick to assemble and use. I would also advise people to read the instructions before using so they don't do things wrong and end up covered in hot milk like I did. Overall these bottles really have helped with Jacobs colic and he is a much more settled and happier baby since using them. The bottles are also really well made and we have been using them for a few weeks now and they have sterilised really well and still look brand new . So thank you Dr Brown's for helping my little boy combat nasty colic and let us finally see what a happy little boy we have now he is no longer screaming all the time in pain from trapped wind. I would give Dr Brown's 8/10

You can find out more about Dr Brown's by visiting there website www.drbrowns.co.uk or following them on Twitter or Facebook. You can buy Dr Brown's bottles at most baby retailers such as Boots , Mothercare, Babies r us and John Lewis.

* Disclosure: I was sent two Dr Brown's bottles for the purpose of this review, however all views are my own.

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  1. They sound good. I have never used them, but we did have to use special ergonomic teats with Baby as normal bottles went everywhere. #TriedTested x

    1. They are very good for if a baby suffers with colic , thank you for taken the time to read xx

  2. I never needed these bottles but my friend used them and highly recommended the brand #triedandtested

    1. I never used them with either of my girls but everyone I know who has used them recommends them xx

  3. I've heard about these, so good to hear what you think. I breastfed, so didn't need them, but I do have a friend with a colicky newborn, so will mention these to her, thanks

    1. Colic is awful , it was so hard watching him cry and being so helpless. These bottles were great at helping him as he did not gulp the milk as quick as he had been doing previously. I hope your friends baby grows out of the colic soon xx

  4. I have a friend who could really benefit from these! I will send her over to look at your review, thank you!


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