Friday, 28 November 2014

Berry Clever

Since becoming a mum I seem to really really love lists. Lists are the only way I can seem to be organised now I am a mum of three, as I am always forgetting something. I love lists so much I even have lists of my lists , my iPhone is full of lists I even have a notebook full of them. I also sometimes spend ages trying to find out what baby and children products are good or not so good . As I don't want to be going out and spending a fortune on a pram to find out actually it is rather rubbish. And I normally end up spending ages searching online for review's.

So imagine my utter delight when I came across the website Berry Clever it is a website that is full of lists of baby and children products all grouped together nicely. And the best part of these lists is that next to each product there is real mum review telling you if the product is meh ( bad) or love (good) and also a quick review of what mums thought, Genius! And if you sign up you can leave your own reviews on products you love or hate to help other parents out too. There is even a pet section for all those pet lovers out there.

So what is Berry Clever I hear you say. Well Berry Clever is a fairly new website that was set up by two mums  Emma and Kristi to make shopping a bit less daunting for us new mums . As there is so many baby and children products out there it really is hard to find out a.) what products we actually do need and b.) what products are actually any good.

When you visit Berry Clever all the products are grouped together so they are super easy to find and the website is so quick and easy to use. You just look up the product or the kind of product you are after and then look to see what mums are rating or hating. People can also make lists of say for example 'must have newborn products' and they will have a list of newborn products that they think are essential, super helpful.

And it is not just baby products that are on Berry Clever there is also book's and toys for older children too. There is everything from prams and cots to medicines and bedtime stories. Everything that us mums use and need with honest reviews from normal mums just like you and me. So if you are expecting a baby, have a baby , or have children and are a bit stuck on what christmas presents to buy them ( that would be me) or maybe you are a pet owner or you just fancy checking out a new site then go on over and check out Berry Clever for yourself. It is free and so quick and simple to join and you can see what products are recommended or even better love or meh your own products so mums like me no longer have to spend hours trawling the internet looking to see what reviews that pram we have are eye on has. Oh and also to give me some ideas of what toys my children would like for Christmas. Go on go and check out for yourself as I predict that it will soon become your go to baby and children shopping site as it has certainly became mine.

  Lindsay x

* Disclosure : I am working in Partnership with Berry Clever.


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