Friday, 7 November 2014

Angel Delight Moments

If like me you grew up in the 80's and 90's then i am sure that if someone said to you "Angel Delight" then it would instantly remind you of your childhood. It certainly makes me think fondly of my childhood, my mum always use to have a few packets stocked up in the kitchen cupboards and myself and my brother often had it as a desert after school and we use to fight over whether we would have strawberry flavour ( my favourite ) or chocolate ( my brothers favourite)

I have not had Angel delight for years so when i was sent some new Bubblegum flavour which is available to buy at Tesco's i thought that it would be the perfect chance to introduce my youngest daughter to Angel Delight and also to reminisce about my childhood. As childhood memory's are so precious to me since losing my mum at a young age and anything that reminds me of happy memory's of times i shared with her are to be treasured.

When my package of Angel Delight arrived it came with a pretty glass dessert dish and i instantly smiled and was transported back to being a young girl peeking in the fridge and seeing four bowls of Angel Delight in the fridge in my mums little glass dishes, as the one i was sent was identical to the ones we use to have when i was younger. I think they were a wedding present back in the early 1980's- in fact i think my dad still has them buried deep in his kitchen cupboards.

This post is actually a competition entry and i have seen all the other Angel Delight moment posts and they are so creative and amazing and you can check them out for yourself  here or on the official Angel Delight facebook page. But i am not very creative as i just don't have the time lately being a busy mum of three, okay i admit it maybe i am just a tad lazy too. So i thought that with such a simple desert like Angel Delight that i would just go back to basics and let the food do the talking so this post is an entry for the #AngelDelightMoments linky challenge.

Bubble gum Angel Delight, to be honest i really did not know what to expect with this as strawberry flavour will always be my number one and i couldn't decide if bubblegum would be brilliant or rather sickly. So i just had to put my curiosity to the test and i simply made normal Angel Delight , no gimmicks or fancy recipes just plain and simple like i remember so well from my childhood what better way to put it to the taste test.

And i can report that actually it was rather nice and it really did taste so much like bubblegum! I have not had bubblegum in years and the moment i tasted it once again i was transported back to being a child. My two daughter loved it, it was Sophia who is 17 months first time trying Angel Delight and she loved it although she did create rather a mess but she loved it and was licking it off her hands . And my twelve year old Chloe was in heaven as she adores anything bubblegum flavour and she polished hers off in seconds and was asking for more! So taste wise it gets the thumbs up as it reminds us parents of are childhood and are children will love the flavour. It is a flavour combination that shouldn't really work but actually really does work well together.

On the back of the packets there was also a milkshake recipe and Chloe my oldest was desperate to try this out as she is a big milkshake fan . So i made this for her which was so simple and quick to make just add the sachet to milk and then add a few scoops of vanilla ice cream and mix it all up in a blender serve and enjoy. Chloe was in heaven with this and the whole drink was gone before i could even have a try myself. But she reported that it was really nice and she wants me to make more.

Angel Delight have really helped me to remember special moments i shared as a child with my mum and also encouraged me to tell my own children about enjoying Angel Delight as a child and about my mum which is something i sadly do not do often enough. And i really hope that someday my own children have found memory's of me to treasure forever when I'm no longer here.And i think that i will be taking a leaf out my mums book and stocking up my kitchen cupboards with packets of Angel Delight for my own children. As taking part in this challenge has made me realise just how much a taste and a product can transport you back to your childhood in an instance and remember happy times.

This post is an entry for the #AngelDelightMoments Linky challenge.


  1. Having lost both my parents, I totally get what you are saying about treasured memories. Memory-making is what life is about I think and great to see you are now creating memories too. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

  2. Thank you for taking the time to read and for your kind words. I hope you have lots of wonderful memories of both your parents too and that mine and your children have great memories of there childhood with us xx

  3. Love angel delight. It looks so yummy x

  4. Pam Francis Gregory16 November 2014 at 13:24

    Haven't had Angel Delight since I was a kid - Brings back so many memories!

  5. wow, have not had angel delight in years!

  6. I haven't had angel delight for ages! I didn't even know they had a bubblegum one we need to try this :) our son loves angel delight too strawberry is his fave!


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