Friday, 17 October 2014

Review : The Mumsnet Book Of Animal Stories

As my regular readers may already know i love book's and i always have done since i was a small child. I have always loved nothing more then getting lost in a good story and i wanted my children to carry on my love for reading and are home has always been filled with many book's for them to enjoy. My oldest daughter Chloe is at an age where she is more interested in her tablet then reading  but my youngest daughter Sophia is starting to discover and enjoy book's more the older she is getting. So when we were recently sent the Mumsnet Book Of Animal Stories to review i could not wait to have a good read of it with Sophia.

The Mumsnet Book Of Animal Stories is ten short stories which were written by ten Mumsnet and Gransnet members and they have been illustrated by up and coming artists to make this beautiful treasury of animal stories.

The stories are
  • Little Miss Wolfy Good - a good wolf who gets sent to bad wolf school.
  • Captain Yuri And The Space Mission-about a hamster going into space
  • The Hedgehog Who Wouldn't Sleep- a little hedgehog who wanted to see winter
  • The Great Meerkat Escape- adventurous meerkats trying to escape a zoo.
  • The Tale Of The Winged Lion- how a girl and a lion save her father in a storm
  • The Elephant Carnival- how a baby elephant steals the show in a parade
  • A Pile Of Panda- why a panda is not such a great pet
  • Atuki And Serai- A brave young goat who saves there owner
  • Up In The Trees Is Not For Me- A scared little monkey learning to climb trees
  • Basil And the Brave- about a bat finding his wings

The thing that stood out to me when we received this book was just how beautiful the illustrations are and they really do help to make the stories come alive and help capture young children's imagination. Each story is around ten pages long and is broken up with pictures so they are the perfect length for bedtime reading. All ten stories are really lovely but are favourite has to be Little Miss Wolfy Good as Sophia seemed to really enjoy this one and actually sat and listened to the whole story from start to finish, which is practically unheard of for her as she is a typical one year old who never sits still .

Overall we really loved this book it is perfect for young children like Sophia to enjoy as a bed time story or for older children to read themselves. I am sure that this book will be loved and read many times for a long time to come in are house. 

This book is available to buy on Amazon and is priced at £12.99 and would make a perfect gift for any young child as a lovely edition to there book collection. 

* Disclosure- I was kindly sent this book for the purpose of this review from Mumsnet, however all opinions are my own honest account of this book. 

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