Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Life Lately

As you may notice since having Jacob eight week's ago i have been quieter then normal on my blog and social media. Before i had him i intended to take a week's break from blogging and then get back into things and spend a couple of hours each night blogging when then girls were in bed and the other half was home from work spending time with Jacob, i even drew up a blogging schedule and had lists of posts to write and when to write them etc.

So what went wrong ? I was naive and an idiot thinking that having a third baby would be easy and life would carry on as normal , you would think i would have realised by my third baby that all babies are different and that i must have just been super lucky with Sophia as she slept at night from day one and hardly ever cried. Jacob is the opposite to his sister in every way possible.

Baby Jacob at two week's
The first two week's were okay he was a typical newborn who slept most of the time. This give us the chance to spend lots of time with the girls so that they did not feel left out and so that they accepted him into the family. The first week passed in a blur of visitors, feeding and nappy changes. 

The second week was harder as Sophia was acting a bit jealous she was hitting me and her dad when we held Jacob, and pinching his things. So we spent a lot of time with her giving her attention and thankfully this seems to have worked as she loves him now and has accepted him no problem. Also my oldest daughter Chloe started secondary school so i was spending time with her making sure she settled in okay and was happy, which she is as she loves her new school and has made lots of new friends. So blogging took a bit of a back seat while i spent time with my girls.

Then Jacob hit two weeks old and he changed from a sleepy newborn into a baby who just screamed and wanted held all day long , from the moment he woke up to the moment he went to bed at night he just screamed. He wanted fed every two hours day and night , he screamed when he was awake and the only place he would sleep was in my arms. We could not even take him out in the pram as he hated it and just screamed the whole time we were out anywhere. I was exhausted and it was hard in fact it was really hard, there were many days when i was in tears just due to sheer tiredness. I also had Sophia to look after as well and she was only 14 months old when Jacob was born, so i could not even nap during the day. The house was very neglected and such a mess, i was neglected finding the time to grab a quick five minute shower was a luxury! So blogging was the very last thing on my mind.

Anyway's because Jacob has been such an unsettled baby and i have been busy trying to juggle his needs with the girls and running a house all my review posts started stacking up as i didn't have time to blog. So i just wanted to take this chance to apologise to my readers that my last few posts have mainly been reviews, as i know as a blog reader myself constant reviews on a blog can be off putting.
I do however have some rather lovely products that i will be posting reviews of but i will also be making sure that i post other posts as well and not just reviews.

Anyway back to life lately as i was saying Jacob would not settle at all and we tried everything to settle him we even took him to the doctors and nothing much was working but suddenly when he got to seven weeks old, after five weeks of non stop crying he changed. |He stopped feeding every two hours and he stopped the constant screaming. He really is like a different baby he sleeps at night from 9pm until 7am and only wakes two to three times during the night for a feed and then goes back to sleep.

 And he is a happy little boy during the day he smiles lots and loves sitting in his bouncer chair and he falls asleep on his own in his chair or mosses basket. I feel like i can actually enjoy him at last as before we could not really enjoy him or do anything as he just cried all the time. I have started taking him out places and we even ventured out to toddler group with Sophia and he has started baby massage classes. We have a little routine and i manage just fine juggling everything now the house is looking tidier and i'm managing more then one shower a week, now i actually get the chance to relax in the bath with a magazine most nights.

 Both the girls are doing great Chloe loves secondary school and is settled and happy and she will be celebrating her 12th birthday next week, and Sophia is her normal happy self who loves her baby brother to bits although she does still try and steal his bottles to drink at any opportunity she can get. And me, well i am starting to feel like me again. I am feeling like i can juggle everything and i actually have time to myself . And life is good and i am loving being a family of five and can not wait to share all of are adventures on are blog.

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  1. So lovely to see a post from you, don't feel bad for having a break though, enjoy your beautiful family xx

    1. Aw thank you Emily, I know I feel like I haven't posted a normal everyday blog post in ages and they are what I love to write about the most. I can't wait to have a good catch up of your blog and see how Indianna is getting on and how the wedding planning is going xx

  2. What a lovely post, I'm pleased life is starting to get a little bit back to normal for you.

    1. Thank you Sam , them first few weeks with Jacob were a nightmare they were so hard but at least I know after talking to you that it does get easier as they get older . Can't wait to have a read to see what lovely places you have been eating at lately on your blog I always get hungry after seeing all the lovely places you have been too and it has given me so many ideas of place to go out too when I eventually get a night off mummy duty xx


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