Thursday, 16 October 2014

My Daily Routine With A Tweenager A Toddler And A Newborn

I love routine even more so since i became a mum as i find that without a routine everything just seems to get a bit hectic and overwhelming. When we had Sophia we were lucky that she just slotted into the routine we already had in place for Chloe, and i believe that is why she is such a settled happy baby who sleeps well and always has done. So when we recently had Jacob he just slotted into the routine we had with the girls too. Although having two children under two things don't always go to plan as you can guarantee that when its time to leave the house to go out one of them will need there nappy changed or at bedtime one of them might take twice as long as normal to go to sleep.

Now i am not one of those super strict parents where everything has to be run to military precisions , to be honest i am far to lazy and laid back for that but we do have set bath and bed times etc. So this is what a typical day looks like in are household. 

  • 6-7am - Jacob wakes up and i will bring him downstairs and feed and change him as Lee will normally be at work by now. 
  • 7 am- I will wake Chloe up if its a weekday and she will get herself ready for school and then make her own cereal, but if its a weekend she will have a lie in normally until lunch time as she is such a lazy tweenager. 
  • 7-8 am - Sophia will wake up and i will bring her downstairs , change her nappy and then she will go in her high chair in the living room and watch Disney junior on tv while having some toast for breakfast and i will normally have my first coffee of the day (its my new best friend since i had Jacob) as Jacob will normally be asleep in his bouncy chair.
  • 8 am - Chloe leaves for school she gets the school bus with her friends even though we only live three bus stops and a ten minute walk away from her school, but it is so nice not having to do the school run any more.
  • 8- 9 am - I will get dressed and check twitter/emails etc  and make a start on the never ending pile of laundry while Jacob naps and Sophia is watching telly and having her breakfast 
  • 9 am - Jacob normally has a feed and Sophia will be trashing the house  playing
  • 10-11.30 - On a Tuesday we will go to toddlers or some day's we will go out to the shops or to meet friends and family for a few hours.
  • 11.30-12.30- If we are at home normally Sophia and Jacob will both have a nap at the same time and i spend time on my phone on twitter do some housework , sterilise Jacob's bottle's, do more laundry .
  • 12.30-1.30 - Sophia will wake up from her nap as she only has an hour at most and then i normally put a film on as she is obsessed with Despicable me 2 as she loves the minions. We will have some lunch, she normally has something quick like a sandwich or grated cheese and fruit and Jacob will normally wake up and have a feed. 
  • 1.30- 3-30 pm - On a Tuesday i take Jacob out to baby massage on an afternoon but normally we just spend time at home playing and reading books. But if we have been out in the mornings Sophia will normally be having a nap around now. 
  • 3.30 pm - Chloe arrives home from school and will normally do her homework as soon as she gets in 
  • 4 - 5 pm -I normally do more housework and make tea, some time's Lee is home from work at 4 and other days at 7pm depending on what shift he is on.
  • 5pm - we have tea.
  • 6pm - On a Tuesday we take Chloe to guides but the rest of the time i try and spend half an hour talking to her about her day after tea. 
  • 6.30 pm- Sophia has a bath and then she gets ready for bed and has a bottle and goes to bed.
  • 7pm - Jacob is normally screaming the house down and will of been for the last hour or so as he is so unsettled on a night time with colic so i have to try and comfort him 
  • 7.30- Jacob will have a bath and get ready for bed and on a Tuesday we will have to go and pick Chloe up from guides. 
  • 8pm -9pm - i normally have an hour to myself if Jacob is settled so i can have a bath but sometimes i end up catching up on housework if we have had a busy day. 
  • 9pm - Jacob normally falls asleep so we take him to bed and it is also Chloe's bedtime on a weeknight and i normally end up going to bed too as i am normally up between 2-4 times during the night doing night feeds. 
Ready for bed, he may be cute but he is a tinker

And then it all starts again the next day. It does not seem like i do much now i have written it all down but some days are hard as i seem to spend the whole day changing nappies and feeding Jacob. And tidying up off Sophia as she is into everything and is forever pulling the sofa cushions off and making a mess and some days Jacob just screams for ages. And i also try and spend time with Chloe helping with homework or just spending time with her painting her nails or watching tv together. And trying to find time to spend with Lee is impossible as he is always at work or we are so busy with the children but i know it wont always be this hectic. 

On Lee's day's off we normally have a day out somewhere or we visit family or go shopping and we normally take Sophia to soft play on one of his days off as she loves it and so does her daddy. Tuesdays are super busy days as Sophia has toddlers in the morning, Jacob has baby massage in the afternoon and Chloe has guides in the evening. But i am going to look into finding some more baby groups during the week that i can go to as i hate being stuck at home.

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