Thursday, 7 August 2014

Week 36 Pregnancy Update

I am now 37 +2 weeks pregnant and i only have at most two weeks of pregnancy left! Week 36 was a busy week so let me tell you what my pregnancy was like at 36 weeks.

If you seen my pregnancy post last week week 35 update you will have seen that i had a hospital appointment to see my consultant and for a growth scan when i was exactly 36 weeks pregnant . All was well on the scan and baby has had a bit of a growth spurt and is now no longer small and they estimated his weight to be around 6lbs and told me to expect a 7 and a half pound baby at birth. If that is true then he will be my smallest baby as the girls were 8lb3 and 8lb2 but i am still expecting him to be a big baby for some reason even though my bump is not that big.

I then had an appointment with the doctors and it was decided that the best thing for baby is to be born at 39 weeks due to the medication i am taking for my blood pressure and the risk that it may rise later in pregnancy or reduce the placenta function in some way. So i have been booked in for an induction when i will be exactly 39 weeks pregnant, i am feeling a little nervous about this for some reason. I have had an induction in my first pregnancy and i was lucky it was a quick four and a half hour normal labour so i am keeping my fingers crossed that the same thing happens this time.

As soon as i left the hospital and knew baby would be arriving soon i went out and brought all of my hospital bag things and some more cute baby outfits. I have also ordered him a new mosses basket from kiddicare and a nodpod blanket from beebies baby store on line and a new colour pack for the pram ( he is having Sophia's oyster pram as we only used the pram bit for a few months and its only a year old so i was not aloud to buy a new pram according to the other half ) I just have a few more things to buy for him like tins of milk and a nice changing bag and then i will have everything ready for him. I just need baby to hold on a bit longer so that i can pack my hospital bag, wash all his tiny clothes and have a good clear out and clean of the house then i might feel a bit more ready and organised for his arrival.

I am still very lucky that i have had no sickness, cravings, heartburn or any other unpleasant pregnancy symptoms. But I am starting to struggle with pregnancy now i am not sleeping very well at all i am up all night on trips to the bathroom as baby is pressing on my bladder and i just can not get comfy at all my back and hips and legs ache when i am in bed. I have started getting really bad headaches most days and just don't feel to great. I am also getting lots of braxton hicks and i am also starting to struggle to walk now, anything more then a trip to the local shop and i am in agony with pain in my hips and pelvis. I have been reviewing a pregnancy yoga app this week too so i will see if that helps with my mobility and pains and i will do a review on this next week.

I am also still really struggling with the heat not surprising really as it is now august but i never realised how awful it is to be heavily pregnant during the summer, i thought it would be lovely to be pregnant in summer and had visions of lots of lovely days out wearing nice summer clothes but that is so not true at all i get hot and sweaty and uncomfortable and i am living in leggings and maternity tops no nice summer outfits for me.

I am also getting so tired and i just want to stay at home a lot as i am getting to uncomfortable and tired going out. I am hoping that i get a burst of energy to do nesting soon as my house is looking a bit neglected and i really want a good clear out and spring clean before baby arrives.  I just don't seem to get the chance at the moment as the other half is working lots and Sophia is on the go non stop needing entertained i never realised how tiring it is being pregnant when you have a one year old, i would love to be able to relax with my feet up but i don't think that will happen any time soon.

I am also feeling a bit guilty that i have not been doing much with the girls in the holidays as i am normally out all the time with them when Chloe is off school and i have only managed to take them out a few times.

Baby is still really active and i am getting lots of wriggles and kicks and some big movements still which hurt at times. I can tell which way he is lying now off his kicks and he seems to keep moving from side to side as sometimes the kicks are on the left and other days on the right and i can even feel his little hands moving low down in my tummy.

That's about all that's been happening this week bump wise the weeks really are flying by and i can not believe that in just two weeks time i will have had my baby boy and will be a mum of three. Lets just hope he holds on that long and that i get everything sorted in time for his arrival and that i have a easy labour like i did with both my girls.


  1. Ahh the parental guilt! Yep I understand that one :( The not being able to get comfy is crappy to - very tiring! Just focus on the fact it's not long to go now xx

  2. Thank you, i no hopefully we will both have are babies soon ! hopefully you have your baby before me though! i hope you are not finding the last few days of pregnancy too hard. xx


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