Monday, 14 July 2014

No i have not started baby shopping yet

People are always asking me if i am all ready for baby's arrival next month and the honest answer is no i am not at all, i have not even started baby shopping properly if i am honest i have only brought a few baby grows. When i tell people this they are shocked that i am 34 week's pregnant and i don't have a hospital bag packed or my baby shopping done especially as it is looking like i will be induced early due to high blood pressure. People assume that i must be worrying but i am not at all and here is why.

I fell pregnant with this baby when Sophia was only six month's old so i am lucky that i still have lots of her baby things such as her pram, car seat,baby bath, moses basket and stand, toys, baby bouncer etc all of which have only been used for a few months and are in perfect condition. So the only things that we really need to buy are a double buggy, some new bedding, new steriliser and bottles, baby towels, clothes, nappies , toiletries and formula and that's about it.

Also we have had a nightmare time of it lately money wise as you know i give up my job after my maternity leave ended in January due to the cost of childcare and the other half works full time but i was still entitled to maternity allowance as i was still employed before i fell pregnant i sent my forms off when i was 26 weeks pregnant and have only just received the forms back telling me i am entitled to maternity pay and all my backdated payments in the last few days and i am now 34 weeks pregnant. The girls have had so much going on lately that has cost money Chloe has been to Spain and we had to buy her all new holiday clothes and spending money and Sophia had her first birthday and then Chloe went away to the Lake District with school so we have been spending a lot of money on them lately and have not really had the money to baby shop.

Also i think i am more laid back this time around probably because it is my third baby and i know that i don't have to go overboard baby shopping as half the stuff you buy does not even get used. And i feel relaxed and calm and know that we will get everything sorted in time. Double buggy wise we have been looking at double buggies since i found out i was pregnant as Sophia will only be 15 month when baby is due but i don't see the point in spending over £1000 on a double pram that we will only be using for a year or so. So we have decided that baby will have Sophia's oyster pram and we have just brought Sophia a silver cross stroller and we are going to buy a cheaper double buggy for around £300 that will last longer we just have to decide between the Cosatto double or a Maclaren.

We are also lucky that i live right next to the Tommee Tippee factory and they have a factory shop where they sell a lot of there products cheaper then in the shops so we are planning on visiting there when other half is off and getting all are bottles and steriliser. So then all i need is bedding, towels and clothes which i plan on going on a shopping trip and getting soon and nappies and formula which i will just get each week when i go food shopping.

And as for my hospital bag i have most of the stuff for that all i need is some new slippers and toiletries which i plan on getting and packing this week. So see no need to panic at all everything will be sorted in time i am definitely more relaxed this pregnancy, i had everything brought and my hospital bag packed by 20 weeks with my first baby and everything brought by now with my second baby. But i just think when its your third baby you are more laid back and know that everything will turn out fine baby doesn't need a beautifully decorated cot it will be in a moses basket for first few months and it doesn't need a wardrobe full of expensive newborn clothes as half of them never even get worn as everyone you know buys you tons of baby clothes once baby arrives. All a baby truly needs is love, cuddles, a full belly and a clean bum and somewhere to sleep and everything will be just fine. So i would rather enjoy my pregnancy and relax with my feet up and eat a bar of galaxy then worry about nursery colour schemes and finding the perfect baby grow, and i have a excuse to spoil him and go on a shopping spree once he is born.

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