Sunday, 29 June 2014

Blogs for Babies Resident Blogger

As i mentioned in a post last week i had some exciting news regarding me becoming a resident blogger on a lovely site, well i am pleased to announce that i am now a resident blogger on the lovely Blogs for babies blog. I came across Blogs for babies when i first started blogging and joined twitter a few months ago and it is a brilliant blog created by the lovely Jenny who blogs at  great north mum and was set up as a place for parents to share stories of there pregnancy, labour and life with a baby. Lot's of great blogger's have shared there stories on this site and if you get a chance go and read them at Blogs for babies as there is some lovely written pieces. I kept meaning to share a story with blogs for babies but with setting my own blog up and learning how to blog when i find the chance i just never got around to writing a piece but i recently seen that blogs for babies were advertising for resident bloggers and i thought it would be a great opportunity for me as a new blogger to meet more bloggers and to also motivate me to post more often.

 I will still be blogging on here, i will just also be writing a post about my pregnancy or motherhood for blogs for babies once a fortnight also which i will be sure to share the links to on here and twitter ( you can find me if you search @nefamilylife)

I am really pleased to have been chosen to be a resident blogger as the other bloggers who are also resident bloggers are amazing and i love all there blogs and each of us bloggers are completely different. There is Susanne who blogs at Ghost writer mummy who is currently pregnant with her fourth child and her blog is absolutely lovely and so beautifully written. There is Ali who blogs at my life my love is a mummy of two and step mum too two and blogs about her family life with a new baby and again she has a gorgeous blog with some amazing photos. There is also Hannah who is one of the first bloggers i came across when i started out and i adore her blog Budding smiles she is blogging about her first pregnancy with baby c due any day now and she is just a genuinely lovely person who i love talking too and reading her blog. And there is also Rob who blogs at Daddy smurfs diary i have only recently discovered Rob's blog via blogs for babies and he blogs about being a daddy to be with his baby due around the same time as mine, his blog is very honest and funny and it is so nice to read a pregnancy blog from a dads view point.

If you get a chance go check out all the great blogs mentioned above as i love them all and be sure to check out blogs for babies to keep up to date with all of are stories as i can not wait to read every body's posts as we are all so different and even though we are all parent bloggers we all blog about different things which is lovely, and i am glad to be a part of it.

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