Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Sophia At 11 Month's Old

Sophia will be one whole year old soon, i can not believe that my baby girl is going to be one in a few days and i can not wait to celebrate her very first birthday with her. I can not believe how fast this year has gone by but it seems like she has been a part of are family forever and i could not imagine life without her now as we all love her so much.

 As she approaches her first birthday and will soon be 12 month's old i will post a quick update on what Sophia was like at 11 months old. I still have not taken her to get weighed recently as we have just been so busy so i have no idea how much she actually weighs now but she is wearing 9-12 month clothes still as her 12-18 month old outfits are still to big for her and she is still wearing size 4 pamper nappies.

She still has the same routine as always she is waking between 6-7am and comes downstairs gets changed and then watches t.v for a bit then has her breakfast and spends some time playing before having a bottle and a nap at 9am for around a hour. After her nap we normally go out to a baby group, the park, shopping or to visit family/friends she then has lunch and has another nap at around 1pm for a hour she then wakes up and spends the rest of the afternoon playing then has her tea around 5pm a bath at 6.30 then she goes to bed for 7pm.

Now she is a bit older Sophia loves her food and she will eat anything you give her she is eating the same meal's as us we just chop them up a bit so she can feed herself she still loves cheese and she also loves yogurts and carrots, roast dinners are still her favourite meal. Although she is still not  eating meat she just spits it out if we try her with it. She is still saying 'mmmm nice' if we give her something to eat that she likes which is so cute. Even though Sophia is almost one she still loves her bottles and calls them her ' nang nang nangs ' she especially likes her bottles to go to sleep i think it is a comfort thing we have started giving her cow's milk during the day to slowly introduce her to it and she doesn't seem to notice the difference between the cow milk and formula. She also loves drinking juice out of her beakers and she will ask for juice if she wants a drink during the day.

She is still a little chatterbox and she trys to copy what you say and her speaking is coming on great and she can say so many words now. We have been teaching her different body parts and if you ask her where something is like nose she will point to it. She still loves dancing if she hears music , and she will give hugs and kisses now if you ask and she is always cuddling and kissing her toys which is super cute. She is really starting to play with her toys now her favourites seem to be small soft toys she loves them and Carry's them all over with her and has pinched so many of her sister, her favourites are her small Doc Mcstuffin teds that she got for Christmas.

She still loves the park and giggles away on the swings. We also took her swimming to a baby swimming class this month which she absolutely loved we had taken her swimming before a few month ago and she hated it and screamed to get out but this time she loved it and was splashing about having a great time so i think we will be booking her some baby swimming classes after her birthday. She still loves bath time as well and is obsessed with her little bath toys still too.

baby swimming lesson
Sophia still loves Doc Mcstuffin on TV and Sofia the first and she also now likes peppa pig too and i think she understands them as she laughs at funny bits and dances if music comes on. She is still a total daddy's girl and he is the only one that she will cuddle up to and who she wants if she hurts herself.

 The big news this month is that Sophia is properly walking all over now, she has been toddling and taking a few steps on her own for a while now and would walk holding hands or with her walker but she suddenly just started walking all over and now she wants to walk everywhere it is so strange seeing her walking about she still looks way to small to be walking. She has been walking a few weeks now so we have went and brought her very first pair of shoes from Clark's and she is a size four and a half f she is a bit unsure of her shoes though and would rather try and eat them then walk in them.

She is really starting to look like a little toddler girl now and not like a baby she is looking so grown up walking and her hair is starting to grow at last and she has such a lovely amazing funny laid back little personality. She is such a happy baby and she will wave and talk away to anyone and is still not at all clingy. We have had a brilliant month with Sophia with no problems at all. I have lots of birthday posts coming up in the next few days as we celebrate are little princess Sophia's first birthday.

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