Friday, 23 May 2014

Pregnancy Week 25 Update & Glucose Tolerance Test

I am now 26 week's and 3 days pregnant so i am a bit slow in posting my 25 week pregnancy update, now that i am 26 week's pregnant i am going to try and start to blog weekly about my pregnancy but knowing me i will probably forget as i am so forgetful lately with baby brain!

I have been quiet on my blog lately as i have just been so busy we are busy sorting out Sophia's first birthday which is soon and i have also been so busy trying to get everything sorted for Chloe's holiday as she is off to Marbella in Spain with her grandad this weekend it is a last minute holiday so i have been trying to arrange passport renewal's for her (what a nightmare) and holiday clothes shopping etc. And both the girl's have been so busy with activities the last two week's and i have had midwife and hospital appointments and i just feel like i have not had time to do anything at all even my poor little house is a bit neglected lately as the housework is starting to pile up my laundry basket is so full its overflowing and there is a layer of dust forming on the t.v stand. ( i hate having a messy house )

Baby is defiantly so lazy compared to Sophia the only time it kicks is after i have eating, when i am in the bath and when i go to bed. I am still feeling really great the sickness seems to have vanished (touch wood) i still have heaps of energy and I'm not grumpy or emotional any more i feel totally normal and not at all pregnant. My hair is still lovely and glowing and i have noticed i don't need to wash it as much as normal as it is not looking greasy after a day like it use to, my skin is still nice and clear too.  And i have no sign's of stretchmarks yet either which is great but my scar's off my operation to remove my gallbladder have gone all horrible there really hard and stick out as scar tissue has formed on two of them I'm guessing its because i fell pregnant so soon after surgery and my skin is stretching with my bump.

We still do not have a baby name for a girl we have mentioned a few we like but non that i am totally in love with the other half really likes a name and i like it it's a name i nearly called Chloe but i just don't love it. We still have not started baby shopping either i really must start looking for double pram's so i can get it ordered and delivered in time before baby arrives. I have not had any midwife appointment's this week but i did have a glucose tolerance test at the hospital.

Glucose tolerance test in pregnancy

I had to have a glucose tolerance test to check for gestational diabetes as diabetes runs in my mum's side of the family both my grandparent's had it and most of my mum's brother's and sister's had it (she was one of eight) and some of my cousin's also suffer from it so this put me at increased risk of it. I had the test done last year when i was pregnant with Sophia which was negative but i had to get it done again in this pregnancy just to be safe.

 I had a appointment at 10am at the hospital. I was not aloud to eat or drink anything from 10pm the night before apart from water on the morning of my test and i was starving and so hungry. I arrived at hospital at 10am was taken to a room and had blood's taken and then i was giving a measured amount of glucose to drink ( it was approx 2 plastic cup's full) the drink was awful it was meant to be orange flavour but it just tasted of a really weak very sweet drink and was horrible to drink on a empty stomach it made me feel really sick .

The test had changed since i had it done last year as i was giving lucozade last time and i was aloud to drink water in between blood tests. I then had to go and sit in the waiting room for two hours and i could not eat or drink anything not even water so i was stuck with the horrible glucose taste in my mouth and it made me feel so thirsty. Sitting on a hard hospital chair for two hours when pregnant is not fun i was all stiff once i stood up i had taken magazines with me to read but it was still very boring. 

When the two hour's were up i was taken back into a room and given another blood test and then aloud to go home. I was told i would only receive a phone call within the week if i was found to have gestational diabetes and it has been a week now since my test and i have not received a call so i thankfully do not have gestational diabetes. 

I felt a bit funny for the rest of the day i felt so thirsty of the drink and i felt a bit light headed and tired which i suspect was off the drink as i do not normally have anything sugary. Also a few hours after the drink i had a really bad tummy sorry for tmi but i thought it best to warn people in case they too have to have this test as i was told this can be a common side effect. But i was back to normal the next day so i can only presume i felt a bit funny due to the huge sugar rush on a empty stomach.

How i am feeling this week.

As i have mentioned i am still feeling really good i am really enjoying this pregnancy and it is still going really well and straight forward. My baby brain is still in place though and i seem to be getting more forgetful all of the time i keep repeating myself and muddling my words up which is slightly embarrassing at times. I am sleeping much better now and not waking up loads during the night which i am making the most of because i am sure it wont be much longer until i am too big to get comfortable in bed and i am frequently making trips to the bathroom during the night.

 I still have a lot of energy but i am starting to get worn out a lot more easily now, it gets to tea time and i am ready for my bed after a day of running about after a toddling baby all day. I still get the odd bit of pain from my sciatica but baby seems to have moved up a bit now so that is starting to ease a little which is great and i have not had any more pelvic pain . I am still getting a bit of lower back pain when i sit down for more then half a hour and when i am doing housework.

I have been getting braxton hick's all week too which is so strange as i never had a single one in my previous two pregnancy's my bump goes so tight and it is a bit like a tiny mild contraction but without the horrendous pain of actual labour. I still have no cravings at all this week which is slightly disappointing i would love to have a really nice craving for something like cakes or Chinese foods so the other half has to treat me but no such luck baby is happy to eat anything. That is about all that has happened this week pregnancy wise, another great pregnancy week with no complications and i am loving every second of this pregnancy and it is still so far my best and easiest pregnancy.

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