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Pregnancy Number Two

My Pregnancy With Sophia

I found out I was pregnant with Sophia in September 2012, I had a feeling I might be pregnant as I had been sick most day's and had been sent home from work with sickness. I was so tired all the time and was avoiding my morning trip to Costa coffee on the way to work, as the smell was making me feel ill. I had done two pregnancy tests but both times they had came back negative but I just had a feeling that I was pregnant, so I kept taking tests and on the third attempt at taking a test it was positive!

 Lee was waiting outside the bathroom while I done the test and as soon as the two lines appeared he was over the moon hugging and kissing me, I done another test just to be sure and I was defiantly pregnant and we were so happy. We had only been trying to conceive for about a month and we could not believe that it had happened so fast!

We told are family straight away and they were all so happy for us but we did not tell Chloe until we had a scan and knew everything was OK with the baby. The experience of finding out I was pregnant was so much nicer and so different to when I found out I was pregnant with Chloe, as I was only 18 and a single parent when I had her; this time around I was 28 and in a serious relationship with my own house and a good job.

I was so happy to be pregnant but a few years beforehand I had suffered a miscarriage at 11 weeks pregnant, I was so scared that the same thing was going to happen again. I couldn't relax and enjoy being pregnant so I booked in for a private early scan, to make sure that there was a baby there and everything was normal. I had the scan and was found to be about six and a half weeks pregnant, as the baby was so small we could not see much on the scan just a heartbeat but it was well worth the money I spent on it and I felt much more positive about the pregnancy from then onwards.

six week pregnancy scan
The first trimester was hard, I was so sick, I was being sick about four times a day and sometimes I was even waking up during the night to be sick. I went off so many foods and drinks and smells were making me feel ill. I was also so tired, I was starting to struggle with my shifts at work so I dropped my hours down to part time hours.

 My bump seemed to show up more or less straight away and I had to go and buy some maternity trousers and tops when I was about 11 weeks pregnant. Even though I had already had a early scan I was so scared when I went for my 12 week scan, I nearly didn't go to have it done I was just so scared I was going to find out that I had lost another baby. Thankfully everything was fine and I was giving the due date of the 19th of may 2013. Finally we could tell everyone that we were having a baby and Chloe was so excited she told all her friends and kept a copy of the scan in her bedroom and she had her heart set on having a little sister.

Once my first trimester was over I thought that my morning sickness would disappear, it never I was sick right the way through my pregnancy up until the day Sophia was born! I also started to suffer from sciatica in my second trimester and I had to go to the doctors as the pain was so bad, some days I could not even climb up the stairs; I had to crawl up as I had shooting pains all the way down my right leg and in my bum. Going to work doing my job, which at times can be quiet demanding and physical was a nightmare. The doctor prescribed me codeine for the pain which I tried not to take too much off, as I didn't want to risk harming baby and I was also referred for physio to see if that would help with the pain.

 I was 20 week's pregnant on new year and I had my 20 week scan on the 2nd of January which I was so excited about as we agreed we wanted to find out if baby was pink or blue. The scan was amazing and we found out we were having a little girl and Chloe was so happy. We went out after the scan and brought some cute little sister tops and baby grows for baby from next. We had already agreed very early on in my pregnancy that if we had a girl we would call her Sophia as we were reading the 100 most popular baby names to try and pick name's and we came across Sophia and we both loved it and so did Chloe and it just stuck and Lee said Ella went with Sophia so she was Sophia Ella and we never once thought about changing it.

20 week scan
 Just after my 20 week scan as my bump was getting bigger my sciatica was getting worse and I had also started to suffer from pelvic pain as well, so I was having weekly physio at the hospital. I had to wear a support band on my bump as I could hardly walk with the pain, so I was signed off work on the sick at about 24 weeks pregnant until my maternity leave started. I was so bored being off work, I hated it but it meant I had a sparkling clean house, I use to clean non stop and I had everything organised for baby's arrival.

 Even though this was my second baby because there was such a big age gap (10 years) between my two pregnancy's and because I was having this baby at another hospital and it was Lee's first baby we booked antenatal classes through the hospital. It was a free course run by the hospital and was on a Saturday morning and covered pain relief etc, then we went on a tour of the hospital there was a birthing centre which was lovely and then the normal delivery suite. I found the tour really useful as otherwise I would not have knowing where to go when I was in labour.

 I was lucky enough to be offered a 4D scan for free when I was 28 weeks pregnant, as I had taken part in a pregnancy research trial at the hospital. It was amazing, I would recommend them to anyone. We could see what baby looked like and it was confirmed I was defiantly having a little girl. When she was born she actually looked just like she did on the scan which was amazing, we felt like we already knew her when she was born. I also had a scan at 32 weeks which my hospital offered all pregnant women to check the growth of the baby and she was already 4lbs at 32 weeks.

When i was 32 weeks pregnant, my pregnancy which was already pretty horrible with the sickness, sciatica and spd was made even worse. I was woken up one night with the most horrendous pain ever - even worse then childbirth! And I ended up going to hospital, at first they thought I had pre-eclampsia as my blood pressure was high and I  had a trace of protein in my urine and I was getting pain below my ribs and my liver enzyme's were high.

But baby seemed fine so they sent me home. However two days later I was back in hospital in even more pain and this time I was admitted to the ante-natal ward where I ended up spending 5 days. They ruled out pre-eclampsia after tests and then thought I had obstetric cholestasis, a pregnancy liver disease as my liver enzymes where 280 and a normal persons is under 40. After an emergency scan they found out I had gallstones. I was put on a very low fat diet nothing over 5 per cent fat and I was aloud home. Thankfully my new diet kept the gallstones at bay for the rest of my pregnancy and I had surgery to remove my gallbladder once Sophia was born. I only actually put on 7lbs in weight when pregnant as i could not eat very much.

 The rest of my pregnancy went by quiet normally, although I had to keep going to hospital to get baby monitored every now and then and to check how I was coping with the gallstones as the consultants  wanted to keep a eye on my liver enzyme results.
I was fed up of being pregnant and was ready for it to be over and I had endured another horrible pregnancy. And once again my due date came and went,  I was so frustrated this was happening again as every one said your second baby is normally early, but i think someone forgot to tell Sophia that bit of information! I tried everything to bring on my labour and none of them worked. My midwife offered me a sweep when I was 3 days overdue which I accepted but it really hurt which I was not expecting, I was booked in to be induced at 2 weeks past my due date. 

Nothing happened at first of the sweep and i just give up completely on baby arriving and resigned myself to another induction, so I went to bed watched my sisters keeper DVD had a little cry and my contractions started that night! Once again no one told Sophia second baby's are meant to arrive quicker, I was in labour with her 8pm on the Thursday night until 11.48 am on the Saturday morning, so I was in labour for almost 40 hours. Eventually six days late little princess Sophia Ella was born weighing 8lb 2oz at 11.48am, she was perfect and healthy and we fell in love with her there and then and we were a proper little family of four.


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