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My Second Birth Story

Sophia Ella's birth story

My second pregnancy had been awful i suffered from sickness the whole nine month's, i had sciatica and spd and could hardly walk and was in pain every single day and i also found out i had gallstones at 32 week's pregnant which was the most horrible pain ever - even worse then childbirth! I was counting down the day's until my due date. Everyone kept telling me that second baby's arrive early and baby's head had been down for weeks but once again my due date came and went with not even a twinge or a braxton hick in sight. 

I thought that i would have to be induced again and felt a bit of a failure that i couldn't even seem to go into labour on my own like other women do. When i was three day's overdue my midwife offered me a sweep and i jumped at the chance of anything to try and kick start my labour as i had tried every single old wife's tale and none of them had worked. I was given the sweep and oh my gosh it really hurt which i was not expecting at all, i think i was half expecting my waters to go or something after my sweep but nothing at all happened.

 The following night there was still no sign of baby so i went to bed to watch my sisters keeper DVD and had a bit of a cry and resigned myself to the fact that i would be getting induced again and a induction had been booked in for two weeks past my due date. Then while i was watching the film at 8pm four days past my due date i started to get period type cramps and my bump kept going tight at first i thought they were probably just braxton hicks but they carried on so i started to time them on a pregnancy contraction app i had on my phone, they were every 7 minutes and lasting about 30 seconds i knew i had to wait until they were closer together and lasting about a minute before ringing the hospital and i was not in any pain they were just slightly uncomfortable. I started to get excited thinking baby was finally going to make an appearance and i would have my baby girl by the next day, the contractions lasted all night and i could not get any sleep because of them but they were still only every seven minutes and lasting 30 seconds.The next morning at about 6am they just suddenly stopped, i was so disappointed and felt like my body was playing tricks on me so i tried to get some sleep , i was woken up a few hours later with more contractions and this time they were a bit stronger and more painful then the last time but still only lasting about 30 seconds.

I spent all day bouncing on my birth ball trying to hurry baby up and it was the only place i could get comfortable sitting down was far to uncomfortable and once again at about 3pm the contractions stopped again. I was getting so fed up now i was tired and just wanted the contractions to either go away so i could rest or speed up so i could have my baby. Then about a hour later they started again and this time they were every five minutes and a lot more painful but still only lasting 30 seconds. I carried on bouncing on my birth ball and had a hot bath and we got a takeaway although i had gallstones so all i could eat was a grilled chicken kebab and salad, but i couldn't even eat it i was in that much pain. 

The contractions were getting closer together so Lee rang the hospital for advice and they said to come in and get checked out, so Lee's mam came to are house as she was watching Chloe and we went to hospital and as soon as i got to the hospital my contractions stopped again! I was examined and was told i was only 3 cm and to go home get some rest and stay at home as long as possible.

 We went home and as soon as i got into bed my contractions started again but this time they were a lot more painful i woke Lee up and he shouted at me to go back to sleep as the hospital had said not to go back in until the next morning at the earliest but there was no way i could lie down i was in agony and the contractions were coming every few minutes. I had a bath to try and see if that would help but i just could not get comfortable at all, so we set off for hospital once again.

 I was examined and told i was only 3 and a half cm but because my contractions were so close together and my blood pressure had went very high i was admitted to the delivery suite at about 4.30am, i had the same midwife who had examined me and sent me home the first time. I was shown to the delivery room and i remember thinking it looked so bare and nothing like the high tech rooms we had been shown on the tour of the maternity ward.

 I was attached to monitors on my tummy to keep an eye on baby's heartbeat and a doctor came to see me as my blood pressure was high and she took some blood to be checked and prescribed some medication for my blood pressure. I was given some gas and air which took the edge of the pains and made them so much more manageable, apart from when i was having a contraction my labour was fine and so much different to being induced i could talk between my contractions for a start. The midwife i had was lovely and her sister was actually one of Chloe's teachers. Then at 7 am i was examined and found to only be 4cm but the pains were getting worse so i asked for a shot of diamorphine which helped with the pain so much.

The midwifes had a shift change and i had a student midwife who actually lived in the same town as we did and she was amazing i would defiantly agree to having a student present in my next labour as it was lovely having two midwife's looking after me and the student was explaining everything and offering loads of support. The midwife's explained that i was not dilating and they might have to break my waters as baby was not happy her heartbeat was not going up and down as she was getting tired so i was made to lie on my left hand side propped up with pillows which was uncomfortable and i was attached to a drip of fluids to see of this would wake baby up. 

It got to about 11am and i was examined again and i was only 5cm so i was told my waters needed to be broken to try and speed things up and baby was still was not happy. My waters were broken and i had to have a fetal heart monitor clip attached to baby's head while she was still inside me and i have to say that was the worse part of my labour it really really hurt.

 My diamorphine was wearing off by now so i was given some more and within about ten minutes of my waters being broken i felt like i needed to push but i wasn't fully dilated and baby's head had not even dropped down yet. I started to freak out saying i couldn't do it and the midwife said i was going through the transition stage and baby was going to be on its way very soon and they started getting everything set up for baby. 

I was pushing but nothing was happening as baby's head had not dropped down . Eventually her head dropped they said push to see if she has any hair and the next thing i knew i had a baby placed on my chest she had came out all in one go. I remember looking at her and shouting she's not crying she's purple is she OK and then her daddy spoke and she looked up at him and wouldn't take her eyes off him and let out a tiny cry and she has been a daddy's girl ever since. Are little princess Sophia Ella was here six days late and after almost 40 hours of labour on Saturday the 25th of may 2013 at 11.48am weighing 8lb2oz.

first photo of sophia
She was totally perfect and healthy, her daddy cut her cord which i was amazed at as he has a huge blood phobia. And then daddy got a cuddle while i delivered the placenta which was really quick and easy i was checked over and everything was fine. Lee dressed Sophia and he was to scared to pick her up so the midwife helped him. I rang Chloe to tell her that her sister had been born ten minutes beforehand. Then i went to have a shower as i was covered in blood and baby wee and poo (Sophia had a wee and poo all over me as soon as she was born) i really struggled walking and standing up i felt like my pelvis had been split in two of the labour due to my spd. But apart from that i felt pretty amazing and not like i had just given birth at all i had no after pains, hardly any bleeding and no stinging when i went for a wee.

Apart from the start of labour being long my second labour had been so much nicer and so much easier then my first, i said i would defiantly do it all again which is a good job really as i will be in august when baby number three arrives. Chloe arrived at the hospital an hour after Sophia was born and she was the first one to see her and she fell in love with her straight away.

meeting her sister for the first time
Then we were taken to the post natal ward where i had to stay over night. The next morning Sophia was checked over and then we were aloud to go home 24 hours after she was born and we started are new life with her as a family of four, and now i really couldn't imagine life without her we all love her so much and she has fitted into are little family perfectly it is like she always been here.

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