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My First Birth Story

Chloe Rose's Birth Story

As i have mentioned before i love watching one born every minute t.v program and reading and hearing other people's pregnancy and birth story's , as i am more then half way through my third pregnancy i have been looking back at my previous pregnancy's and i have decided to write about my first birth story with my oldest daughter Chloe all the way back in 2002. Even though Chloe was born almost 12 year's ago i still remember the day that she was born like it was yesterday.

 I was seven day's overdue and i had been to the hospital to see the consultant that day as my blood pressure was high and i was diagnosed as having pre- eclampsia as i had high blood pressure, protein in my urine, bad headaches and my hands and feet had swelled right up and a blood test at hospital had confirmed i had pre- eclampsia. which i had been at risk of as my mum had suffered with it during her pregnancy with me. So it had been decided by the consultant that it was unsafe for me to carry on with my pregnancy and i needed to come into hospital and be induced that day.

  I arrived at hospital that night at 8.30 pm and i was shown to the induction room which was a 4 bedded bay on the delivery suite. I was examined and was found to be 3cm dilated which was a surprise as i had not even had the slightest twinge, i was told that as i was already dilated i would not need the pessary they use to induce labour and to wait and see if labour started on it's own that night and to try and get some sleep and i would be induced the following morning if i had not made any progress.

Trying to sleep on a delivery ward was impossible i could hear women screaming all night, baby's crying and people coming and going, and i was feeling a bit nervous off all the women screaming thinking what had i let my self in for and that it was going to really hurt. At 7am after a night of no sleep i was examined and told i was still only 3cm and i had not experienced any pains during the night and was feeling a bit disappointed that there was no sign of my baby making a appearance any time soon. So my waters were broken, i was dreading this as the long knitting needle type instrument they use to break your waters looked like it would really hurt but it did not all it just felt slightly uncomfortable. After my waters were broken i was told to walk around a bit to see if this would help bring on my labour, i started to get mild period type cramp's but when i was examined 4 hours later i was still only 3 cm dilated. So it was decided that i would be induced by drip to try to speed things up, i rang my mum to come to hospital as she was my birth partner and also rang baby's dad to tell him baby was on its way.

 I was taken to a delivery room and attached to monitors to keep a eye on baby's heartbeat due to being induced and i was hooked up to a drip, more or less as soon as i was attached to the drip i started to get contractions and they were strong and powerful nothing at all like period pains. I felt like my bump was getting squeezed in a vice, the contractions were coming one after the other with no break between them and they kept getting stronger and more powerful.

I had gas and air to start with but it was not even hitting the pain so i was given diamorphine. The drugs, gas and air and the pain all mixed together made my labour pass by in a blur. I remember baby's dad turning up halfway through my labour which was really strange after not seeing him for nine months. And i remember begging for a epidural to take the pain away but the midwife kept putting me off which looking back now i am glad she did but at the time i hated her for it.

 Then before i knew it i was getting told to push and after half a hour of pushing i had a baby girl which was a huge shock as i had been sure i was having a boy. Chloe rose was born at 4.29 pm on Tuesday the 22 October 2002 , 8 days late after a four and a half hour labour weighing 8lb 3oz and she was perfect and healthy. And it really is true what people say as soon as your baby is born you forget all the pain and it is all worth it as you have a baby.

chloe 10 minutes old
I had a injection to help deliver the placenta which was really quick and easy. then i was checked over and i had a small tear and grazing but was told it was best to leave this to heal on its own. I was then encouraged to get up and have a bath then i walked to the post natal ward where i had to spend two nights as i was losing a lot of blood and Chloe was refusing to feed. Finally two days after she was born i was aloud to take my baby girl home and start my new life as a mummy.

chloe one week old

Chloe now

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